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Turned 27 today!

Journal Entry: Tue May 7, 2013, 1:39 PM
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I Love dA !

Jesus, when was the last time I updated this journal?

Well I'm 27 today. Just wish the run up and the day itself had been good XD

Self.gifSelf promotion
Rebirth of KageerallYet another day in a post apocolyptic world…
Most of the earth lay scorched under the reign of the beasts that had been awakened over a year ago, on the 6th day of the 6th month. Humanity had mostly fallen, those who had not pledged their allegiance to their overlords had been turned to ashes. And even then, those who sided with the beasts were randomly eaten. A lucky few of them were even changed into a form more fitting to do their masters bidding. Some kept their minds and some memories, whilst some were turned into thoughtless fiends who only lived to kill. Although for the person involved in this little tale, it’s safe to say that he had found the creatures leaders first.
A young man had been travelling up the towns nearby volcano. It had risen around the same time the beasts came into rule. The jagged pathways were there for any of the wingless creatures that served their ruler. Some pathways were even suspended over lakes of lava. It had been a day, but he made it up a
Spyro Comix 5:1 -colour by me by AuraGuardianHadou Spyro - Monster - coloured by AuraGuardianHadou An Unexpected GuestIt had been a pretty boring day.
Well, if you could call it boring.
When a diabolical monster was ruling over the free world, and was looking for new recruits to join them, and the rest were lunch, most days had an edge to them.
A quarter of the world had already been reduced to dust and magma by the ruling beasts, and there was no chance of them being slayed at all…
In Evesham, a small town that had been left mostly un-scorched by the beasts, a young man was sitting in his room, speaking to his friends from an art website. It was a wonder that the net still worked, but it did.
It was also pretty much the only thing he could do; there is nothing fun to do there. No decent shops, no cool places to meet, not even a cinema. He'd always hated this, finding the town so boring he spent nearly all of his time inside.
He had lots of chat windows open, but was engrossed in a chat with his best friend, a person he knew from the art website, who was simply known as "Werechu".  He was kn
Cynder's SearchNB: I, (the author) of this story, wish to remain anonymous to all but the person whom I wrote this for, I don't want to receive any contact regarding this story unless it is through werechu's deviant comment page as this story is too far outside my personal modus operandi for it to be desirable to be credited with my actual identity.
Peter/Wyrrach Ur is copyright of Werechu
Cynder is copyright of Krome studios
Rain fell in sheets across the sleeping city, spluttering out of drainpipes and flowing down the streets as the storm drains overflowed from the down pour. The clouds, thick in the sky, were a bruised and angry purple. The lamps on the street poured their dim light downwards, obscuring the edges of the street in shadow, but something moved through it, human eyes would not have seen it unless they were looking, an ever so slightly darker, a shadow among shadows. The shape moved with purpose down the street, and anyone looking would have seen other shadows, in the sky on the roofs
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Untill Next Time

Wyraach Ur


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
A long time DA user and writer who specialises in transformation themed literature. Dragons and Pokémon are a speciality of mine.

I'm an avid gamer as well, and I'm always looking for more people to game with.


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How many people here wanna be Dragons?
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How many want to be like Wyraach?
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Mmhmm...what is wrong with you people? Yes I think Dragons are awesome but destroying humanity? Not for me, think of me as you will, I'm out.
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How do you do, master wyraach? I have had a great time since you turned me.
howdy ^^ long time no see :3
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I know, improper meme usage, but what can you do?

Still, not kidding. 25 themed decks. And I'm not even done yet.

You could probably still beat me though ;)
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