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October 8, 2011
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It was a dark, quiet night. The stars shone down the forest, the leaves rustling in the wind. A lone Lucario was running through the forest, as if searching for something. He had been training not too far away from there, and a short while beforehand, he heard a scream. Without wasting any time, he rushed towards the forest.

"Where are you...I pray I'm not too late..." Hadou said to himself as he kept running, relying on both his senses and his aura reading abilities as he eventually tracked onto the aura of whoever was attacked. Seconds later, he stopped in the middle of a clearing, taking a few slow steps as he noticed a young man lying semi-unconscious in the middle of it.

"Damn..." He looked wide eyed at the man, approaching him carefully. He stopped just a few feet away, looking over him. From what he could see, the man was covered in cuts and bruises, his shirt torn slightly. Despite the injuries, he couldn't see anything that was life-threatening, but it was likely that he'd still need to be taken to a hospital.

"The poor guy...who would do this?" Hadou thought to himself as he looked at the man. "To do something this cruel...hrm?" His thought was broken when he heard a low groan coming from the human, who was trying to push himself off the ground.

"Uhghh...what happened..." The man asked himself as he staggered to his feet. "The last thing I remember was going for a nice, quiet stroll...then someone jumped in front of me..."

"Sounds like you got attacked to me... I wouldn't try to move too much, you look pretty beaten up to me."

"A...A Lucario..." He looked over to the large blue mon. He was different to standard Lucario - whilst most of them were just under four feet tall, this one was well over eight, not to mention his form was broad and muscled as opposed to lithe and slender. " aren't normal."

"True, I'm not a normal Lucario." He chuckled a little bit. "It's a bit of a long story, I'll have to tell you some time... though I may need to omit some details." He grinned.

"Did you...come to help me?"

"Why else would I be here if I wasn't?" He said, extending a paw to help him keep steady. He grasped hold of the furry, humanoid paw as he kept staring at the Lucario. "I can help you get to a hosptial if you wish."

"Maybe...but I'm sure I'll be fine...I'll just need to get home and have some sleep is all..." He suddenly lurched forward, Hadou grasping his waist in an attempt to help him keep standing up. "Urgh....then again...maybe I DO need to go to the hospital..."

"Indeed... but I might be able to help heal you." Hadou rested the man against the tree.

"Heal me in what way?"

"You know, completely fix you up, repair anything that's broken and heal all your wounds...although it might come with a price..."

"A price? You look like you have no need for money though, you're a Pokémon!"

"Not in that way... I can heal people by manipulating their aura, altering it." He explained. "I can use this to heal a person, and, if I so wished, turn them into a Pokémon of my choosing."

"T...turn me into a Pokémon?" He asked, a little wide-eyed. "What Pokémon?"

"Whatever you desired to be. I could turn you into a Charizard, a Ninetails, a Dragonite...I could even turn you into something like a Lugia!" He grinned.

"Oh wow... so many choices... and as much as I'd like to be a Lugia...I'd LOVE to be a Lucario." He smiled.

"Good choice." Hadou smiled back to him. "Before I do this though, I should really get your name - I'm Hadou."

"My name is Arctic. It's nice to meet you."

"Ok then, Arctic. I should mention that this might sting just a little bit. The transformation will be somewhat intense feeling, and whilst it will be relatively painless, the feeling of changing is somewhat overpowering. I assure you that it will still be quite enjoyable in some ways."

"Gotya. As long as it fixes me up, I don't mind a little bit of intensity."

Hadou just nodded, his red and yellow eyes focusing intently on the human for a few brief moments before he closed them, slowly raising a paw up. He took in a slow breath as his paw began to glow, an eerie blue light surrounding it. Seconds later, the light began to spread, crossing over to surround Arctic, filling him with a strange warmth. As he was bathed in the lights, he felt all his wounds closing up, whatever damage dealt to him was being undone.

"Ahh...that feels quite nice." He smiled a little.

"It would... but now the main part is going to begin - you might want to brace yourself." Hadou grinned wide.

"Brace myself...I think I can do that...uuhghg..." He moaned suddenly as he felt his muscles suddenly pulsing and throbbing, the aura flowing into him, mixing with his own now. He felt like he was being slowly empowered by the aura, his muscles filling with raw strength. Looking down at his arms, he saw them growing a little broader, some of the muscles expanding slightly - not on the same level as the Lucario in front of him, but enough to show that he had some strength in him.  Fine blue fur began to sprout along his arms, turning black when it reached his wrists, spiky in appearance as he felt his hands trembling.

"Ahh...I can see what you does feel weird..." He groaned as his hands began to stretch and crack, growing broader as the fingers swelled slightly. The palms and undersides of his fingers gained soft padding as his fingertips trembled, large white claws pushing outwards. Just as he thought the changes were done there, he let out a yelp of pain, the backs of his hands swelling. There were a few drips of blood as a pair of large spikes grew from the backs of his hands.

"Ggghhh...ok...that was somewhat unpleasent-guhrhaha!" He lunged forward, his paws sinking into the soft ground as he felt his chest starting to expand, his ribcage pushing outwards a little as he felt them separating slightly, a similar pain like the one that just filled the back of his hands searing through him. He gripped it as he felt his shirt hugging tighter to him, the muscles expanding a little bit. Soon his chest was lined with a soft-looking set of pectoral muscles, a six pack of abs underneath that. As they formed, his chest pushed forwards once more, a large, metallic spike growing out of it. Creamy colored fur began to spread across his chest and back, highlighting his lithe, softly-muscled frame. The combination of his muscles and fur was too much for the shirt, tearing it open down the middle

"Gruuhhh....Luuuu..." He moaned, breathing heavily as he pulled the remnants of his shirt away. He tried to push himself back to his feet, but he was brought down to the ground as he felt his legs crack and pulse. His upper legs began to swell in size, heavy blue fur growing along his thighs and down to his knees, causing his jeans to tear down the sides. Black fur grew over his lower legs, as well as forming a 'belt' around his waist, and he let out a low scream when he felt his legs compact in size a little.

"GRRAHAHAH!! CAAARRIOO!!" He bellowed as his shoes became uncomfortably tight, the sides of them swelling as the fur covered his feet. He attempted to kick them off, but he could barely feel his legs right now due to the sudden drastic alteration. With a loud rip, his shoes burst open, revealing large, malformed toes. His big and small toes shrank away into his feet as the other three grew larger and wider, the undersides gaining large pads as he felt retractable claws growing out from them. To go along with his larger toes, his feet began to stretch and swell, his heels raising upwards with a few painful cracks, regaining the size he had just lost as his legs finished their transformation.

"Ah...uuhhhh....uhuhrh...Luuccarr...." He gasped, looking up at Hadou. "This...feels continue..."

"You're not quite finished yet." Hadou smirked. "And stopping isn't really an option." He told him as Arctic suddenly felt a tugging on the base of his spine. With another groan, a long, canine tail slowly inched its way outwards, wagging behind him as it covered in blue fur. It was slightly curved near the back, ending with a point. With most of his body turned, the only thing about him that looked off was his head, as the creamy fur grew broader and spikier around his neck, a pair of black furred rings formed around his shoulders.

"Now then, this is where the intensity kind of goes into overdrive. Brace yourself." Hadou warned him.

"Don't worry...I'll be f-f-fiiiIIRURAHUAUHGHGHGH!! LLUUUCCARRRRIIOOOO!!" He let out a pained roar as he felt his jaws crack and shift, slowly pushing forwards. His tongue hung limply from his stretching mouth, drool running down his chin as his eyes watered, tears streaming down his face.

"I DID warn you." Hadou grinned as Arctic's hair mixed with the growing fur, mainly blue as a mask of black fur grew around his eyes, wrapping round the back and middle of his head. His ears twitched as they grew to points, growing larger as they moved to the top of his head, a pair of aura sensors growing from the back of his head, hanging behind him as his jaws eventually stopped elongating, forming a pointed canine muzzle. His tongue grew a little longer to better fit in it as his teeth grew into large, sharpened fangs. To finish it all off, his eyes moved to the sides, growing wider as they turned an orangy-red, pupils pulling into slits.

"LLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!" Arctic roared at the top of his lungs as the transformation ended, panting breathlessly as he was able to push himself back up to his feet. The metamorphosis took a bit out of him as he looked over himself, but he felt a lot better than he did earlier.

"So, how are you feeling now, Arctic?" Hadou asked him, approaching the new Lucario. Despite the change from human to animal, he hadn't grown in size, nor had he shrunk in size - he was still six foot even, looking up at the muscled Lucario.

"I'm feeling...good...a bit hungry though." He chuckled. "I guess turning into something else works up a bit of an appetite."

"Well I do know a place where they serve some nice food, unless you'd rather settle for some Berries. I'm sure Laura might like to meet you too - I was on my way to meet her when I stopped to find you."

"Is she a friend of yours then?"

"She's my mate." Hadou grinned. "I'm sure we'd be able to find one for you too soon enough." He placed a hand on Arctic's shoulders.

"Sure. But right now, let's just focus on getting some food." Arctic smiled back to Hadou. With that, the two Lucario walked away from the forest, heading back to the city. Arctic was thankful to the Lucario who had helped him out, and knew that from now on, things were going to go a lot better for him thanks to his new friend.

Friendship is magic, after all.
A story for :iconarcticfrigidfrostfox:. This was originally designed for a trade, but I turned this into a gift considering he's having a rough time right now, and all I want to do is see him smile :)

Enjoy bro *winghugs you tight*

Hadou is (C) myself
Lucario is (C) Pokémon/Nintendo
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