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Dsarvess practically threw his bike against the rack, struggling to contain his frustration as he locked it up and stormed off into the park. He knew that he had to calm down; he was meeting a friend here after all; but he was tired of dealing with petty people, and their snide words. Throwing himself onto the grass, he gazed out at the woods bordering the park, taking deep breaths as he tried to focus his mind, and disperse his irritation.

Not too far from him, Peter, the friend who he was to meet up with was making his way to the park as well, his head hung low as he too was also dealing with a few problems that day, and wanted to go somewhere where there were no morons who would try to start anything with him. As he kept walking, he noticed Dsarvess laying on the grass, and sat down beside him.

Dsarvess looked up at his friend, smiling softly. "You had a rough day too?" He sighed, laying back on the grass and staring up into the air. "Sometimes you just need to get away from people..." He tried to calm himself, and let himself become lost in the sky as the clouds slowly floated by, content to let silence wash over the two of them.

"I'd rather not talk about it..." He said in a weary tone, looking towards his friend as he tried to smile back to him. "I just want to have some time to myself, and you're the only person around right now who wanted to hang out with me today." He sighed, looking up at the clouds as well.

"That's fine... I don't really feel like talking either." Dsarvess stretched a little, closing his eyes, letting the sun shine on his face as it slowly washed away his frustration and anger. "Let's just enjoy the weather."

"Agreed." Peter said, resting his head back against his bag as he gazed up at the clear sky, feeling the breeze blowing past them softly. Perhaps after an hour or two of relaxation, the two of them might feel better.

Dsarvess slowly drifted off to sleep, letting himself fall completely into peaceful rest. He was completely unaware of the shadow that passed over them. The large creature drawn toward them, intrigued by the emotions flowing through the two, swooping slowly toward them as it blocked out the light.

"Mmm...where did the sun go?" Peter said, stretching as he sat back up, his eyes catching a slight glimpse of the creature that was blocking out the sunlight. "Is that a Pokémon...if it is, it's a really big bird..."

Dsarvess shook himself awake, looking up. "A Pokémon? Wow... it really is huge..." He sighed slightly as he saw it slowly circling lower. "To be honest, though... I kinda wanted time to rest, even though its people I'm mad at, not Pokémon."

"What's wrong with relaxing with a Pokémon?" He sounded a little confused. "It's how I usually calm myself down, playing games with them, taking them out for a walk, even curling up to sleep with them." He looked as the creature seemed to get larger - it was far too big to be a normal flying Pokémon.

"I guess you're right... They're very kind most of the time." Dsarvess gazed with curiosity up at the shadow in the sky, stunned by its immense size. "You have to wonder what that is, though... It's way larger than any sort of bird I know of. You have any guesses as to what it is?"

"Well lets see...long neck...roundish...giant wings... if I'm not too mistaken, I'd say that this might be a Lugia that is gracing our presence." He chuckled a little. "But what would a Lugia be doing all the way out here? We're nowhere near the ocean, and it couldn't be a trainers..."

"Yeah... It does look like one, doesn't it?" Dsarvess smiled somewhat, happy to be seeing such a magnificent creature so close. "It looks like it's coming closer, too... Maybe we can ask it why it's here!" His former frustration and anger rapidly fading away as he watched the creature circling in the sky.

"Yeah, it should be friendly enough." Peter smiled as it got closer, the two of them moving aside so it could land. "Hrm...correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Lugia generally white with blue feathers..."

"Ye... yeah...."  Dsarvess's heart started to slowly pound in his chest, realizing that the creature coming toward them was not an ordinary Lugia. "I-I'm not sure we should stay here... Purple and grey means Shadow Lugia, and those tend to be pretty hostile toward humans." He started to back away, though he was still entranced by the elegance of the massive Pokémon. He started to doubt his own words as he gazed at it, feeling no malice toward him coming from the creature. "But... maybe this one isn't."

"Maybe, but we better keep our guard up around it. We don't know what its true intentions are."

"You think I'm hostile towards the two of you...that hurts my feelings..." The creature joked, speaking in a dark, seducing feminine voice. "Just because I'm a Shadow Lugia it doesn't mean I can't show compassion towards SOME humans."

As the creature finally landed, Dsarvess struggled to find words to respond to the creature. His voice lodged in his throat as he struggled to say something; say anything to the strangely beautiful beast. Finally deciding to not try to speak, he cautiously reached up a hand to stroke the Lugia's feathers, still a little apprehensive, but also overwhelmed by the close proximity of such a rare creature. He wanted to trust its words, and believe that it liked them. It was worth the risk that the creature might be lying.

Peter reached out towards the creature, his hand gently running along the dragons broad wingarm. The creature seemed to let out a content purr as she looked down at the two of them. "Perhaps I should introduce myself to the two of name is Tsumi."
"Tsumi..." Peter was a little confused. "Why would anyone brand you as a sin?"

"I have my reasons for bearing that name, trust me." She smirked.

"I guess I should introduce myself to you, too. My name is Dsarvess." He felt completely enthralled by the magnificent beast's beautiful voice and commanding presence. It was as if anything that she wanted he would be willing to give. He knew, nonetheless, that this was not how he was feeling only a few moments ago, but, as he ran his fingers through her feathers, and rested his head in one of her massive hands, he didn't care. At the moment, it was wonderful.

"And my name is Peter. I must say that it is an absolute honor to be in the presence of such a powerful creature." He smiled, all rage that had built up earlier on seemed to have completely vanished whilst he stared at the Shadow Lugia, admiring the powerful beast. "So what brings you here, Tsumi?"

She moved her face down toward theirs, smiling as she felt their emotions flowing and molding exactly like she had desired. She slowly ran her tongue through Peter's hair slowly and carefully speaking as she readied herself for the work of entrancing and molding them into much more proper creatures. "Why... you, of course. I'm here because of you." She smiled in anticipation. These were not repulsive, like so many other humans, and she did indeed feel some compassion for them. But they could be so much more. So much better.

"What do you mean?" Peter said, a little confused. "You came here for the two of us? Why would you go out of your way to find a pair of humans? Doesn't that sound a bit odd for a legendary beast such as yourself?"

"Perhaps." She said, crooning softly and starting to stroke him with her tail. "But then again, I'm not exactly an ordinary legendary beast." Her voice became even darker, more enthralling as her deep red eyes gazed into his. "And after all... We're honestly rather similar."

"'Honestly similar'? In what way? The two of us are human, and you're a giant Shadow Pokémon. To be fairly honest I fail to see any similarities between the three of us." Peter said

"Poor, poor human." Tsumi chuckled, the sound of it was somewhat menacing to say the least - it sounded like someone was revving up a chainsaw.

"And just what is that meant to mean? You're making it sound like that there is something in the two of us."

She held the humans head in her massive wings, looking deep into his eyes, her tail stroking him softly as she spoke. "You really don't see it, do you? You see most humans as they really are... Small, petty creatures. Concerned for little more than themselves. You see that, and it gives you pain, and anger." She delved deep into his mind, dredging back up the feelings that her presence had washed away, reminding him of what he had felt towards other humans earlier. "We all see it. The three of us. And so, we are united..." She purred softly, like a boulder rolling over a grindstone as she intensified the emotion he was feeling, while reminding him that there were others to turn to rather than humans: Pokémon. Pokémon such as her.

"Ggrrgg...." A growl escaped his throat as his hands curled up into fists - he had forgotten about his rage being in her presence, and now she was unearthing everything, including memories that he had long forgotten, and memories that he never wanted to recall. Dsarvess looked concerned at his friend as he let out a scream of pure rage, punching the ground hard, his fist barely making that much of an indent in the soil as he looked back up towards Tsumi, a few tears streaming down his cheeks.

"You see it now...they are like ants, caring only for themselves...and they have the nerve to think that they are in charge of this world."

Dsarvess, at this point was quickly becoming more and more worried, frightened by Tsumi's angry words. And yet, he could feel a truth in them. He felt his own pain and anger boiling up inside him as he gazed at the Lugia, realizing that she was one of the few he could rely upon to always be true and forthcoming. He buried his face in her feathers as he struggled to hold back tears of rage, frustration, sorrow, and he began to realize, longing. Longing to not be one of those miserable little ants. Longing for Tsumi.

"There there..." She said to them softly, comforting the two humans as she held them close to her, purring gently, but even then in her voice it sounded somewhat demonic. "I can help the two of you, free you from your worries...I know how to tap into your anger, to help you unleash it in such a fitting way of what you should be..."

"Ye-yes." Dsarvess whimpered as he clung at her wing. "Whatever you think is best. I'm..." He halted his words as he felt completely overwhelmed and overshadowed by the massive creature, his emotions and thoughts fully within her control. "Thank you for lowering yourself to help such... worthless creatures as us."

" two are far from worthless..." She hissed, her crimson eyes gleaming. "You two are powerful...capable of things that some humans could only dream of doing... but as you are right are unable to realise your full potential..." A grin crossed her maw. "Today is the day that you cast aside the bindings of humanity..."

Dsarvess struggled to his feet, oblivious to anything except the creature that he longed for, and whispered to her eagerly. "Please... Do it. Help me shed my humanity."

She nodded, gazing at them all the while. "The darkness that I can sense in the both of you is of you is holding back a simply extraordinary level of is going to be fun to free you both, but who shall I start with?"

She murred softly, gazing back and forth between the two of them before coming to a decision, clutching Peter in her wings. "I think you will come first...  After all, your friend seems awfully eager, and he could do with a bit more anticipation to help encourage his shadows to grow. You... you don't need any more shadow within you." With that, she ran the tips of her wing-hands along his chin, licking his face as she dove even deeper into his mind, urging the anger and darkness outward, engulfing him in their embrace.

"Ggrrrrrr..." He growled, a dark aura starting to spread around him as Tsumi held him closer, her own aura of darkness radiating from her, engulfing the duo. Dsarvess could only look in in awe as his growling began to grow louder, more savage.

"That's it,'ve kept it inside you for too long...the darkness I feel... it's almost demonic..." Tsumi hissed.

She pulled him closer, letting the darkness seep into his skin, slowly starting to dye it a deep, heartless black. Nuzzling him happily, yet snarling along side him as his form began to twist to reflect the shadows that were beginning to dominate him.

"And such a demonic level of darkness requires a demonic I right, my dear?" She smirked, his muscles starting to slowly twitch and pulse. Underneath his clothing, the skin on his chest had turned a bloody crimson. She knew that he wasn't going to be a normal Shadow Lugia, so why not give him the colors of death and blood?

She clutched him firmly in her wings, growling savagely as ran her wings along his face, stretching and pulling it into a jagged, savage maw. "There, much better than the soft putty of a human face." She stroked the top of his muzzle, smoothing it into a beak as his teeth cracked and snapped, growing into long, vicious fangs.

"Grrr....indeed it isss..." Peter spoke with a sudden hiss, his tongue flopping from his jagged beak as it grew longer, thicker towards the base and thinner towards the end, the tip of it becoming forked. He hissed louder as his tongue retracted back into his beak, flickering from his lips every few moments as he looked at Tsumi with a twisted grin - tears began to roll down the sides of his face, but these tears were a crimson color.

With a vicious grin, she clutched his face tighter, squeezing his face fiercely to force a long savage spike from the back of his head, hair falling away as she did so, his ears disappearing and leaving only small holes. Deep red tears pouring down his face, staining his eyes the same color. "Almost done with the easy part." Her savage grin grew broader as she ran her tongue along his beak, smearing the tears into long jagged formations with her wings. As they dried, they hardened, growing thicker, and peeling away from his face. "Now the real fun starts..."

"Indeed...." He chuckled, feeling the Shadow Lugia lick at his neck. "This will be gu..guhghhahahAAHHHHH!!" He let out a roar of pain as his neck cracked and snapped, starting to slowly grow longer with each lick, his spine beginning to grow, adding new vertebrae to his neckline as his head was pushed a few feet away from his shoulders.

"We don't want you to run out of breath too soon, darling... That was nothing, and I want to hear your roars all the way through the change." Her head darted forward as she gripped his mouth in hers, kissing him deeply and energetically as she dug her wings deep into his shoulder blades, squeezing and cracking them as he felt his bones begin to split under the pressure, forcing their way out of his skin as deep red spines. With a growl, she ran her hands along them, bringing up feelings of delight alongside the pain, both deeper and more powerful than you could have imagined.

"GGRRAAHH...mmmrrraaa...." He hissed, leaning into the kiss as he tried to bring his arms to her sides, blood running down his back as he looked into her eyes.

Her eyes burned deeply as she moved her hands up to his shoulders, stroking them down to his fingers as she squeezed them tightly. They began to snap and creak as they grew thin and blade-like, their growing weight beginning to stretch his arms longer and longer. "It won't take much more, now... Run your fingers along my feathers."

"Gladly..." He nodded, flexing the cruel, dagger-like digits on his growing hands as he grasped the sides of her neck, slowly stroking it, fingers running gently through the purple plumage. He purred gently as he did so, still staring intently into Tsumi's heartless eyes.

She let out a purring growl, sending shudders of delight down his fingers through his arms. His limbs slowly creaking and grinding into large, powerful, and yet elegant wings. "Yes... that feels nice... You will make an excellent mate."

"Thank you, dear Tsumi." He grinned, fangs showing as he looked towards Dsarvess. "But what of my friend here? He'll need some female companionship too, you know." He chuckled, stroking along her sides as his arms grew larger and larger, clawed fingers splaying wide.

"Mmm.... Perhaps. I think I shall leave his fate up to you. But first, let's finish your change..." Running her hands down his bright red chest, she squeezed his legs, stretching and warping them into thick, powerful haunches which split his trousers apart, removing his shoes as she rubbed and massaged them, moulding them into vicious talons as she ran her tongue down his spine. "Come. Let out your roar, and feel the darkness rule you."

"As you so desire!" He laughed, taking in a deep breath as he felt the remnants of his trousers falling away as he threw back his head. "LLLYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" He bellowed at the top of his lungs, the sound of it was absolutely demonic, everything in the area that heard it was sent into a panic, except for Dsar who was still watching his friend intently. "GGGYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!♫♫"

At the sound of the roar, Dsarvess shuddered in delight and anticipation, barely able to contain his desire to be transformed as well. Before his eyes, a long slender tail slashed its way free from his friend, tipped near the end with two wicked blades, causing him to let out another terrible cry. "GyyrrrrrrHHHHAAAAAASSSS!! LYYYUUUUUGGHHHHRRAAAAAAHHH!!" Tsumi immediately clung to the new tail, rubbing and massaging it with her wings, a look of joy in her eyes at the cry of Peter's new form.

The more he roared, the greater the influence of it. Moments ago all it was doing was sending people into a panic, now it was causing the heavens to open, lightning crashing down around them. Tsumi just looked on in awe, she had not expected his corruption to be this great. "Oh are greater than anything I could have imagined...but it's not quite over...there is still one last part of you that is still human..." She eyed the humans torso.

Clutching his chest in her wings, she rested her head against it, feeling the gradually building change within it. Shivering, she felt his body begin to grow, becoming larger, more properly scaled in comparison to his fully transformed body. He felt the shadows within him grow more and more powerful, a burning darkness in his chest that begged for destructive release.

"Mmmrrr...this really is unexpected..." She purred, noticing the humans torso growing thinner and more muscled, chest barrelling outwards as his form grew more lithe in comparison to the normal Lugia. The burning in his chest grew all the more intense as his heart withered up and died, pure darkness now spreading through him as he threw back his head, a building sphere of energy growing in his maw. Seconds later he let loose a screeching roar, firing off a pitch-black Hyper Beam into the sky. "LLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYGGGGGGGGGGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!♫♪" He bellowed triumphantly.

Tsumi growled pleasantly, stroking him. "There we are... All done." She admired his massive frame, far darker than her own, his mind sculpted into a perfect and ideal mold for a dark creature such as him. He was perfect. "Now then" she purred, turning her malevolent gaze to Dsarvess. "What shall we do with him?"

"Well...he was my friend as a is only fitting that he joins our ranks, my dear." He smiled, looking down at the human as he nuzzled Tsumi gently. "And I know a few other people as well who would give their souls to join shall we initiate him?"

"Of course." She smiled, and gently stroked the human's head. "I don't think we shall make him as unique as you, though... Despite his eagerness, he does not hold the same darkness as you." As she clutched his head firmly, he looked up at them, entranced. "Whatever you desire... I am yours..."

"Good..." Peter smirked, moving closer to his friend, his crimson eyes focusing intently on the human. "I think it's about time we put the darkness within you to good use." He said, wrapping a clawed wing around him, darkness spreading from the demonic Lugia into his friend, giving the human a glowing purple aura. He groaned as he felt the darkness seeping into him, growing stronger and stronger as he felt his form began to slowly pulse and shudder.

"Th... thank... Y-ynnnnaaaaarrrrgggghhh!" Dsarvess cried out in anguish as the shadows engulfed him, surrounding him, reducing his mind and soul to things to be sculpted by the creature holding him. His body began to shudder violently, as his inner darkness surged within him, struggling to make itself manifest.

"Embrace the darkness, my friend...let it consume you..." He grinned, pops and cracks starting to fill the air as his arms began to slowly grow longer, the sleeves of his shirt tearing apart as his arms grew broader, hands growing massive as his fingers grew broader and flatter, great power filling his arms as several purple quills grew from his limbs, sprouting into purple feathers.

"Y-yes.... I will..." Dsarvess clutched at his arms, squirming in his friend's grasp, ripping and tearing at the cloth of his sleeves. He gazed adoringly at the twin creatures corrupting him, whimpering softly to them. "Please... more..."

"You want more...then more we shall give..." Tsumi said, wrapping her wing around the human, holding him between herself and Peter, the both of them grinning wildly. A gurgling filled the air as he felt his stomach rumbling and growling, a ravenous hunger starting to build up inside of him as he began to grow, spine snapping and cracking, stretching slowly.

With a whine he struggled to stretch his neck, trying to keep the gaze of both of the others. His growing arms clutching at his changing body as he groaned desperately. "S-so... Hung... ry... Hung-guh. Gruhhh... GnrrrraAAAASSSSSS!! GYYAAAAASS!!"

"Don't worry...the three of us will all feed soon...any particular food you would like, dear brother?" Peter grinned, watching as his shirt strained tighter against his form, watching pale grey feathers sprouting over his exposed stomach, which in turn began to swell outwards rapidly, growing larger and broader as he continued his darkness-fueled change.

He groaned loudly, wailing as he tore at his clothes clumsily with his ever-widening fingers. Rational thought was quickly consumed by the shadow. He only felt the pain and anger roiling within him, as he roared skyward in his torment. "GhhhrrrraaaaAAA!! LYYUUUUU!!"

"Music to my ears..." Tsumi purred, looking on at her partner. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Peter just nodded, hissing darkly as 10 large grey spines grew out from Dsar's back, long, broad and slightly pointed. His form continued to expand, the strands of fabric that hadn't been rended by his clawing were tearing now under his new girth. As his spine continued to painfully stretch, his neck began to grow slowly longer and thicker, bringing his head away from his shoulders.

"Sssoo.... Hungry...." He shuddered fiercely, flexing his spines, struggling to hold on to what remained of his human thoughts, an effort that quickly failed. Hissing and panting, he turned to the two, barely able to speak. "Hungry... for... flesh.... I want... Want to HUNT!"

"Soon my friend, very soon..." He hissed. He felt his own stomach starting to rumble, a lust for blood starting to fill his mind as well, but he was trying to hold it off, at least until the changes had finished. Whilst his neck had been growing, a bump had been forming at the base of his spine, pressing against the seat of his trousers as it slowly grew larger.

"Hrm... Before we are done here, you'll have to give yourselves new names..." Tsumi chuckled. "Human names are ill fitting now... I believe for a creature like yourself, Hemos is a much more fitting name...and what about you?" She asked Dsarvess.

Struggling to stretch his spine, attempting to squirm his growing tail free, he was barely able to respond. "Grrrahh... Hurts... Can't think." Struggling to free himself from their grasp to stretch his body out, he wailed out. "Gyyyuuuurrraaaa!! Can't! You... you choose name...." Unable to contain himself, he roared out his song. "Gyuu... Lyyuuuu~~ ♪ GyyyrrraaAAAGGGHHH!! GYAAAASS!! ♫ LYYUUU~~GYAAAA!! ♪ GYYYYAAAAAAAAAS!!"

"Mmmm...such a beautiful the last moments of a humans life...I think we'll name you Elegy." Peter, now Hemos, grinned. The bump in his rear eventually burst through the strained fabric of his trousers, a long, broad tail growing out from the base of his spine, thrashing about around him wildly as feelings quickly shot through it, slowly gaining control of the new appendage as a pair of spikes tipped it off.

As his tail continued to lash about violently, he growled happily for a few moments. "I... My name is Elegy...." Pausing to pant and catch his breath for only a moment, he let out his terrible cry once more. Screaming in dark joy to the sky, he bellowed as loud as he possibly could. "GyyaaAAAAA!! ♫ LYYYUUUUGYAAAAAS!! ♪"

"Not too much more now, my brother..." Hemos said as he and Tsumi let go of him, allowing him room to stretch his form. Despite being released, the darkness was still pouring into him, his trousers tearing apart as his legs grew larger and bulkier, muscles swelling and expanding as his shoes exploded, toes fusing into three large digits as razor sharp claws lined them.

Collapsing to the ground, he stretched and flexed his toes, moaning happily as he continued his song, enticing the others to join him with his admiring gaze. "Gyyyaaaaarrr! ♫  LyyyuUUUU!!"

Hemos and Tsumi nodded, drawing in a breath as Elegy's hair fell from his head, cracks filling the air as it grew into a large point, curving backwards as his ears shrank away into the sides of his head.
"Lllyyyuu....gggyyaasss......LLLLLYYYYUUUUGGYYYYAASSSS!! GGYYYAAA LUUUUU!!♫ LLLYYYUUU LLYYYUUUUU GGGGGYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSS!" The two demonic dragons began to sing alongside the nearly completed third.

Struggling to continue his song, he let out a pained shriek as his face began to melt and warp, slowly snapping and creaking outward into a beak-like muzzle. Whimpering all the while at the temporary loss of his song. "NNnnnnrrrghhh.... Want to.... sing... And hunt..." Gazing up into the eyes of his companions, a slight flush rose to his changing cheeks. "And... to turn... more humans...."

"There will be plenty of time to sing and hunt...and do not worry, we'll be converting LOTS of humans!" Tsumi roared with laughter, noticing the tears streaming down Elegy's changing face. Tsumi and Hemos gently nuzzled him as his beak formed fully, teeth growing outwards into razor sharp fangs, tongue growing long and pointed as his beak was filled with loads more fangs, the final changes concluding as his eyes grew larger, turning blood red as a pair of curving, jagged spikes grew from around his eyes.

"Ye... yes... Humans will be much better like this... Much happier like this..." Running his tongue along his fangs, he grinned savagely, "The humans will soon want to join us, won't they... It will be wonderful." Nuzzling Hemos and Tsumi, he growled happily at the thought.

"Yes...once they've seen our powers and what we are capable of, the humans will be begging to join us, pleading with us to spare their pathetic little lives..." Hemos grinned darkly, forked tongue flickering out from his maw once more as he looked over the two Shadow Lugia. "It will be...ggrrr...." He snarled, eyes turning pure red. "Grr...hunngrryy..."

With a growling snarl, Elegy remembered how ravenous he was. "Yes... Hungry..." He realized how eager he was to hunt, barely able to keep himself from launching into the air to sate himself. "Tsu-Tsumi. Is it alway like.. this..sss...ssSSRRRRAAAAGGGH!! HHUUNNGGRY! MM-MUST... HAVE TO... HUNT... HUUUUNNNT!!"

Hemos roared with him as they looked at Tsumi. "Yes, there will be times when the three of us could enter a blood lust...but it is easily sated." She grinned.

"Grrrahhhhh! Then let's find some food!" Hemos roared, drooling at the thought of sinking his fangs into a juicy human being, draining their blood dry. "Soo tasstty...mmmuUUSSSSTT....HUNT!" He bellowed before taking flight, Elegy flying off alongside him. Tsumi just chuckled as she followed the two.

The trio screamed to the sky. They had lost their minds in their blood lust, lost in the desire to hunt, to feed, to turn humans. It was glorious, a dark desire that sealed their transformations. From henceforth, the humans who were Peter and Dsarvess were lost forever. Only the Shadow Lugias, Hemos and Elegy, remained.
Another collab with :icondsarvess:, and as we did Lugia already, why not bring out its dark side ;) Also it's been a while since I used Hemos, and I wanted to give his partner Tsumi some coverage too :P

Hemos and Tsumi are (C) Myself

If you enjoyed this story, please check out Dsar's version: [link]
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yee:... and so the two sinister beast prowl inthe shadowy sky in a never-ending thirst for blood spilled by the miserable ants!
yee:FUCK! How doest thou get here, knave!? Begone, foul beast!! *smacks with pipe*
Hemos: GODDAMIT!! THAT FUCKING HURT!! Do you seriousely want to die!?
yee: Come get, bitch!
anounser: we are currently experiencing some social dificulties, please remain calm and avoid the stowaway section at all time.
TaureanDragon Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
man you made laugh so hard.....epick comment :D
eifle79 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank thee for thy feedback, it's good to make people laugh. :)
Shuriken95 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I have to say mate, you've got an incredible gift in bringing out the dark side of art. Hehehe....
drew2319 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Student Writer
Oh, god...that sound...
The nightmare...

Amazing stories.
StarGriffin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Oooowh, I love how twisted and seductively dark this turned out! <^v^> TF stories involving Lugia/Dark Lugia are something I always enjoy a lot! :meow:
Also, gotta love the name Tsumi. :heart:

Very nice job again, you two! :thumbsup::XD:
a1993 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
as usaul nice stuff, gonna say same thing on dsarvess page
Lucariofan843 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
the entire thing was awesome :D I was also feeling a little creeped out too.
Dsarvess Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it turned out pretty well. ^ ^ I'm looking forward to even more collabs with you. ^ ^
GamerXZ Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Very dark and rather twisted.

But I guess that's why I like it, good job!
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe >:)
GamerXZ Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Um...why are you smiling like that?

...And why do I feel breathing down my back?
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I don't know...maybe you are seeing things...
GamerXZ Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
*Looks behind me* Hmm, nothing there, huh? *sees a pair of glowing eyes outside my window*

Uh...ok, just tell myself "it's not there" I'm seeing things..yeah..seeing things...
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
What's wrong, think the draconic Nido is going to eat you? He might just want to change you into a creature like himfor all you know ;)
GamerXZ Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Whoa, wait, who's Nido?

And why me?
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
GAH I got mixed up with the Enmos comic i put up XD

I meant the demonic Lugia ;P
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