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The young lady was suddenly pulled away from her peaceful sleep, and into her bedroom, the voice of her dad still echoing in the hallway. Laura sighed, trying her hardest not to fall asleep again, and slowly pushed herself off the bed, and into the bathroom. She splashed cold water all over her face, trying to shake any kind of sleepiness away. She looked at the mirror, and saw that pale face of hers, her usually shiny blue eyes now half closed and tired.

"You're ugly" she joked, taking off her pajamas and stepping into the shower.

She turned the water on, and almost immediately water started to flow from the overhead nozzle, pouring around her. The cold water made her jump at first, as it would anyone, before finally warming up. She gently massaged her body, letting the water wash away all the tiredness.

She was only in her early 20s, but she had a body that most people would find irresistible. She was around the 6ft mark, and her hair travelled to her shoulders. Her body was slender, but even though it was she sometimes complained that she could stand to lose a little more weight. And to top it off, she had a decent bust that most girls her age would kill for.

She eventually stepped out of the shower, grabbing the towel and drying herself up before the cold air could strike her. She then got back in her bedroom, grabbing a simple red shirt, black trousers, and a new pair of panties and a bra she just bought. Not that it really mattered all that much to her, after all it's not like there was anyone in her life that would see her with only those two pieces of silk on...but it's always better to be ready for anything.

After getting dressed, she went down to have breakfast with her parents. There wasn't much to talk about at the table. Her mom was busy cooking their breakfasts whilst her dad had his head stuck in the morning papers. He was complaining about the defeat of his favourite football team, moaning they would have won if it hadn't gone into penalties. Soon enough, breakfast was served, and Laura was staring down a plate of bacon, eggs and beans. She slowly made her way through eating it as her parents did the same. After finishing her food, she put the plate and cutlery in the dishwasher and made her way to collect her stuff for school.

"Well, I best be making my way off now!" She called to her parents. They wished her well today as she walked out the door.

There weren't many people around that morning...but it was something she had come to expect. It was pretty much 6 AM when she woke up, and when she left her house it was barely 6:30 AM, and even the people who start working really early in the day, they were either asleep, or already at work. Luckily she only had one day in the week where she had to wake up at such an hour, while the rest of the week she could sleep till 7:30 AM or 8 AM. Luckily her parents didn't mind her routine all that much...and that was good.

She was walking down the empty streets of the town, only hearing the cold wind blowing. Most people would have worn something heavier...but she liked cold wind, or cold in general. She just took a deep breath and smiled to herself.

"This town just looks so dead at this time of the morning..." She said to herself, making note of everything around her. And she was right, the sky was still a dark blue, the sun had not fully emerged into the sky, and a fine mist covered most of the view ahead of her. Most of the shops, bar some newsagents, were still shut, whilst some of the houses she could see, the residents were just waking up, the lights clicking on in their rooms.

"Shame nothing ever exciting happens around here..." She murmured as she continued her walk to college.

But then....the unexpected.

She saw a man emerging from the mist. She just ignored it and kept on walking at first...but then, two more emerged. Only when she got close enough she realised....those people did not look friendly at all, and they seemed to be carrying...knives. That's when she stopped, and took a step back, gulping. She was about to turn around, but all of sudden she felt someone grabbing her arms and kicking her on the legs, making her fell on her knees. She tried breaking free from him, but the man was strong, and when she felt the cold steel of a knife pressed against her was pretty clear she had no escape.

"Well well well, this is a rare find..." One of the men smirked, looking over her. "It's rare that we find a girl of your...looks out this early of a morning."

"Yeah, at this time all the good ones are asleep. You gotta be pretty dumb to get up this early and come down this path!" Another laughed.

"Yeah, I think this will make her hrm...the 4th one this week?" Another said.

"That sounds about right. Now then, just do what we say. It would be a shame to have to hurt you!" The leader gloated.

She started shaking, already knowing what they had in mind. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable as she felt the man's cold knife slowly cutting her shirt, luckily not hurting her.

"Good girl, now..." he said, but he suddenly paused as someone else spoke...and it wasn't one of his friends.

"If I were you...I would leave her alone..."

"And just who are you meant to be?" The leader asked. "Try to make one move against us and I'll gut this girl where she stands!" He said, holding the knife closer to her throat. Before he could respond though, there was a loud thud, and one of the goons landed on the ground unconscious.

"That was a warning shot..." The voice said, stepping out of the shadows and revealing himself. And what was seen shocked them all. It wasn't another human they were looking at, but it looked more like a Pokémon... a Lucario to be more precise. Although this Lucario was around 7ft tall, had useable hands, a muscled body, and a look in those crimson eyes that meant he wasn't joking around.

"Well? Let her go. I really don't think you wanna see how I'll get if you tick me off." He said calmly.

Two men stepped back in fear. The leader however, just pushed the girl on the ground, and stepped toward the Lucario, holding his knife. "You don't have the balls..."

He snarled wearily at the leader. "Arrogant fool..." He said and held his paws in front of him, a sphere of blue energy forming between them, slowly growing larger.

"Hah! You are nuts if you think that move is gonna" He said boastfully before stopping short, realising that the Aura Sphere the Lucario was charging was soon twice the size of his own body, and slowly growing larger.

"You had your chance to back away, but you blew it. I won't go easy on you!" He said, preparing to launch the attack.

They all stepped back, and eventually ran away. The leader of the group gave the Lucario one last cold stare before joining his friends. "You will regret this one day Pokemon, I swear it" he yelled, before disappearing in the mist.

Laura was sitting on the ground, speechless as she stared at her savior. She watched the blue sphere disappeared in his hand, his eyes closing for a second, before he looked at her. She gasped and looked away, backing up a little.

"What a bunch of cowards..." He muttered to himself as he turned to face the girl. He extended a paw hand to her, and lifted her off the ground. "Are you ok? I hope that those goons didn't get a chance to hurt you or anything."

She pulled her arm away once she was back on her feet. She tried saying something to him, but she was still intimidated by him...his crimson eyes, his feral look...she couldn't help it. But she knew he had saved her from probably a fate worst than death, so she at least managed to say. "Thanks..."

"It's ok. You should try to be a little more careful being out this time of the morning though." He said. "If you want I can follow alongside you for the remainder of your trip, just so you reach your destination safely."

"O...okay..." she nodded, picking up her bag. "Uhmm...who...are you?" she asked, trying not to look at him.

"My name is...." He stopped for a moment. "Well my name WAS Peter, back when I was a human." He spoke as he started to walk on, Laura following behind him. "But after I became what you see now, I changed my name to Hadou. It's Japanese for Aura." He said with a smirk. "I can only bet you are wondering what I meant by saying "when I was a human". I can tell you it's a long story."

"Uh...uh..." she nodded, even more confused than before. She would have asked him to explain...but the less she knew the better.

But kind of think of it....he was apparently a very powerful creature from what she could gather, and he didn't look like he wanted to do anything bad to her. Perhaps, she thought, having a friend like him could be a good thing...but at the same time, she couldn't help but shiver every time he was in her sight.

"Well I'll give you the short explanation: I was a human trainer who got stranded on a mysterious island after a boat accident, taken in by a group of Lucario and slowly changed into one during the time of my staying there." He chuckled. "The full story would take a good long while to explain. You understand though, right?"

"That's...uhmm...pretty unusual" she said, not really finding anything better to say. Was he really telling the truth, or he was just trying to find a way to make her feel more comfortable with him by telling her he was human in the past.

Lost in her thoughts, she almost didn't realise she had reached her destination. Luckily no one else was around.

"Well, uhm...thanks for everything Hadou" she said, trying to look at him, but eventually looking at a building on his right.

He just smiled "It's ok. Just try to be more careful in the future." He said with a chuckle. "I'm sure a lot of people will be around soon, so I best make my exit. I'm not an outcast or anything, but if there are any trainers here they might attempt to battle me. And I would just feel bad owning most what they can throw at me." He chuckled again before leaping fromthe ground, landing on a nearby tree branch. "See you around!" he said, ready to leap away.

"Will I see you again?" she shouted.

He shrugged. "Perhaps, if you end up in trouble again and I'm around. Or if you just want to talk to me, I'm usually in the town of an afternoon."

"Okay..." she whispered, watching him leap on a building, and then on the other side, disappearing from her sight.


Laura didn't tell her parents about Hadou and how he rescued her, she didn't want to make them worried about her...besides, she knew that if she had told her parents about him, they would have probably locked her in her bedroom to keep her safe. Despite the first impressions the Lucario gave her, she wanted to see him again some time...after all, he saved her.

Two months had passed since the little incident.

One afternoon, she was sitting on a park bench, watching the trees. Being Autumn, the leaves were falling, the air filled with them as the wind gently pushed them around, in lines and circles, as if they had a life on their own. Laura smiled, and closed her eyes.

"It feels good to finally have some peaceful time to myself..." She said as she gazed on. College work had kept her busy for the most of it, and she had little time to relax between homework and assignments, but she finally found some time where she could just take a break and escape from it all. She hadn't forgotten about Hadou though, and was confident that she would meed up with him again sometime. Or someday.

"Looks like you're doing well!" A familiar voice called out. Turning her head to the sound of the voice, she noticed someone leap down from the top of one of the trees, and that someone was Hadou.

"Ah!" she jumped for a second. "Oh...uhmm...hi" she said, gulping.

She was both shocked...and happy to see him. Plus, he did look a little less intimidating than before. Maybe it was just the fact that she had somehow got used to his intimidating look after thinking about him for so long...or maybe he actually made himself look nicer while he was away...probably combing his fur, or taking a long bath with lots of soap.

She couldn't help but giggle at that idea, but she tried shaking that thought away.

"How have you been holding up?" He said as he sat on the bench beside her, his long tail poking out at his side. "Hope you've kept out of trouble after our first encounter." He said with a wink.

"Yeah, I've been doing just fine. Of course, no one but either of us knows about what happened that day, and I think it's best no one does, you know?" Laura replied...blushing.

"Well, there WAS those goons, who threatened revenge... But I'm guessing they were blowing hot air. Besides, it would be suicide even trying to hurt me. And believe me on this one, if they even try hurting a friend of mine well....that's something we don't want to think about." He chuckled.

She nodded, sighing in relief. For some reason, having him around didn't seem to make her uncomfortable all that much, but more She was right after all: anyone would want a friend like him.

"Did you have any plans for the rest of today? If you aren't too busy, perhaps we could go for a walk, or even get some food" He offered, noticing that she felt a bit more at ease looking at him than she did on that morning.

She gulped. "Uhmm...sure, why not? I guess I owe you a drink after all" she said, standing up.

He smiled as he got up from the bench. "And don't worry, I'll keep by your side the whole time. You know, just in case anything should happen. Would you like me to lead the way, or do you want to go on ahead?"

"Uhmm...I'll lead the way" she said, turning around. "I think I know a good place...but if anyone asks, well...I will have to say I'm your trainer...of course, if you don't mind..." she blushed again as she said that. Not that she wanted to make him feel like any other Pokemon...but it was better, cause having an "untamed" Pokemon around was by many considered dangerous.

"That would be pushing things a little too far." He did admit. "Besides which, what was the last Pokémon you saw which could actually talk human? Or the last Lucario you saw with useable hands." He chuckled. "Besides which, pretty much everyone around here knows who I am. When you're a champion trainer, it's hard not to get noticed." He chuckled, and there was truth in those words. Upon his return from his island adventure, he had taken on the league and left victorious, creating quite a name for himself.

"How is that I didn't know about you then?" she sighed. "Maybe I should pay more attention to the world around me...or watch more TV" she admitted, chuckling.

She was about to turn around and move on, when she felt him gently taking her arm. He just smiled at her as they both started walking, side by side. She didn't really expect that...but she didn't pull her arm away this time, she just let him do.

They left the park and stepped into the now crowded streets. They would have probably looked like a nice couple...if it wasn't for the fact that he was a large Lucario and she was a rather thin girl. She even heard a not so nice comment coming from someone in the crowd, which suddenly made her feel out of place.

"Just ignore him. He most probably thinks that we're a pairing or something. And if he really thinks we are, maybe he's just jealous that you've been taken." He said with a chuckle, putting her back at ease...or at least in part.

She really felt a little weird as he said that. For a second...just one second...she really found herself believing him, imaging her standing at his side, his arm around her body, her head resting on his strong muscular chest, safe from everything and everyone. But it was just a second, because then she realised how wrong that kind of thought was. She couldn't help but blush...but she tried to shake those feelings away.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, noticing the blushing. "You were thinking of something rather personal just now, am I right?"

This made her blush even more. "How did you know?"

"Your aura kind of gave it away." He said. "It's very easy to sense emotions."

She lowered her head. Being around him and having those kind of feelings was already pretty weird...and with him being able to read her like an open book, it was even weirder, maybe more than she could take.

Luckily, once they reached the place, a little bar in the central town plaza, she managed to calm herself down a little.

"You chose a nice place." He smiled as he sat down outside. "I come here myself sometimes. Most of the times I do though, people try to battle me." He laughed. "They just don't learn. Then again, most of them ARE drunk, and it is late at night." He smirked.

"I'm lucky my parents never let me go out at night...well, in that regard at least. Perhaps if I had someone to go out with...they might be more permissive" she sighed. "But...yeah, I don't want to annoy you with my problems" she blushed.

"It's ok, I don't mind of you want to talk about them." He reassured her. "Did you want to get the drinks, or should I go get them?"

"Uhmm, you go get them, I'll let you choose what to get..." she smiled, looking down at the table.

"Ok then, is there any drink in particular that you want me to get you, or should I pick you something?"

"Just choose whatever you want, I like everything they serve here" she nodded. She suddenly imagined him with a bottle of champagne...but she once again shook that thought off.

A few minutes later he came back out holding a couple of glasses of cola. "Here you go, I hope you like this." He chuckled as he handed her a glass, sitting down on the other end of the table.

She just took the glass and thanked him, taking a long sip. It tasted a little bitter than she remembered for some reason...but maybe it was just the fact that she still felt rather weird, not only because of her earlier thoughts, but because...let's face it, a Lucario and a girl drinking together like a nice couple was indeed weird.

They spent around half an hour talking about themselves, their goals, their ambitions and what they wanted to do with their lives. Well at least for Laura, Hadou seemed to have his life pretty planned out.

"So it seems like you already have everything under control, uh? I doubt there is something you can't get, strong and determined like you are" she commented, looking at her empty glass.

He just shrugged. "Hard to say really. I've got a great team and good status, I'm well known... So it's hard to say if there is anything I can't get." He chuckled. "Did you want another drink, or are you ready to move on?"

"I'm fine now...besides..." she checked the clock. "I have to go home, my parents are waiting for me...perhaps we can see each other again tomorrow"

"Sounds like a plan to me." He smiled. "Would you like me to guide you home, or would you prefer to go it alone?" He asked her, getting up from the table.

She smiled. "Thanks, but...I can handle myself just fine. The street are crowded, so I doubt I will end up in some dangerous situation. Thanks for the drink Hadou" she said, blushing. "I hope to see you soon"

"Sure, you know where I usually hang out now anyway." He chuckled. "Hope you get home ok!" He said as he lept away, leaping from the building tops and vanishing from sight.

She giggled. "Always leaving with style"

She turned around and left, heading back to the park. She would have taken the main street, which is usually crowded, but she decided to take a shortcut through the park...after all, there was a lot of people there before, so she figured there must still be enough people for her to be safe.

She was wrong.

The park was was like Central Park during the night, only it was still late afternoon. She gulped, wondering if she should just go back. But against her better judgement, she just kept on walking.

"There is nothing to worry about, bad people only come out at night...there is nothing to worry about, there is nothing..."

She stopped, gasping in shock as she suddenly noticed someone in the distance. She knew the man that was sitting on a bench ahead...she knew him damm well. His face had haunted her dreams for the previous 3 months.

The man stood up, and turned his head to look at her. She would have run...but her legs did not respond. She just watched him walking closer to her, his hand reaching for something in his pocket.

"" she whispered, taking a step back.

The man just grinned at her. "Did you really believe you could have escaped us? Sorry lady..." he said, taking out a rather large revolver. "It's not your lucky day...and your savior won't interfere this time"

She screamed in terror and finally turned around, attempting an escape...but immediatelly caught by two other men...the same men she had come across 3 months before.

It was like a nightmare, repeating itself.

"This time, we are going to have our fun... one way or another..." He said threateningly.

"Don't you guys ever give up?" Another familiar voice called out, and out from the trees once again, came Hadou.

"Hadou! Oh thank God!" Laura called to him.

"You three are the biggest bunch of idiots I've ever seen." Hadou said. "What do you do, sit here every night looking for a cheap trick to come along and then try to have your way with them? You really are pathetic!"

The leader aimed his gun at him, his men shivering. He seemed to smile. "You want to play the big boy then? are all strong and powerful, and I doubt this gun is gonna do much to you..." he said, slowly moving his arm to the side, now aiming at Laura. "What if I kill her instead?"

Hadou narrowed his eyes, baring his fangs. "You even attempt to hurt her, and I will make you regret it for the rest of your miserable life..." he gave a growl of warning, readying to attack. "Now drop the gun and fight me like a man, you coward!"

He smiled. "I warned you..."

He then pulled the trigger. Laura shut her eyes and prayed, waiting for the inevitable. But...nothing happened. She opened her eyes, and saw the bullet hovering a few inches from her face, glowing blue. She saw Hadou, his eyes glowing hand raised, glowing blue.

The man gasped. "How did you do that? Not even the strongest psychic type can stop a bullet like that!"

"When you spent a good while stranded on an island with nothing but a group of Lucario, a select few other Pokémon, and a slightly murderous Tyranitar, you learn a few things...." He said, firing the bulet off in another direction, grazing the arms of one of the goons holding Laura. "And do the research - I'm a Fighting/Steel type!"

He took a few steps forward, his eyes still glowing a soft crimson. "Now then, are you going to stop this stupid game and walk out whilst you still can?"

"Go to hell you monster!" he started firing at him.

The bullets just curved past Hadou, planting themselves in the ground behind him. The man that was hit in the arm was holding it in pain while the other was holding Laura. She was watching in awe how Hadou was just deflecting everything the man threw at him, almost without any effort whatsoever.

In that moment...she really wished she was that strong.

"This is really your last chance... Now let her go before you REALLY tick me o..."

Hadou was about to finish, but was then stuck in the back. Blood leaked down from his chest from a bullet wound, fired by another goon that had emerged from behind him.

"Sheesh, you took your time!" The lead thug said to the new man.

"Well sorry, but I got lost, I've never been to this park before! he shouted, aiming his gun at the Lucario.

"That's no excuse, that thing could have killed us!" He said, noticing that Hadou had fallen to one knee, holding the bloodied wound. Using a claw, he managed to ping out the bullet that had struck him.

"Hadou...." Laura said, looking at the wounded creature, suddenly feeling her anger rising.

Hadou grinned, fully baring his fangs, looking at the leader with blood red eyes now. They all watched in shock as the creature stood back up, his body glowing blue, like surrounded by flames. The wound caused by the bullet seemed to quickly heal itself, the blood absorbed back in his body.

"I gave you a warning and you ignored it..." He growled loudly. "This time, I am not letting ANY of you get away with your misdeeds!" He roared.

"Don't you ever learn?" The leader said as they all opened fire on him. Hadou just narrowed his eyes and focused, taking control of the fired shots and bringing them to strike the goon standing behind him. He fell to the ground, lifeless.

"One down...and I can't be blamed for that." He smirked. "They were YOUR bullets from YOUR guns!" He said in a mocking tone.

"Hadou..." Laura looked at him for a moment before speaking again. "That's it, get them!" She called out for him.

The other two next to Laura just screamed like little girls and tried to run away. Laura grabbed them by the legs, making them fall.

"I escape!" He hissed, starting to charge up a pair of Aura Spheres, growing several times his own body size quickly, before firing them at the two fallen goons. Laura quickly got out of the way as the blast enveloped the two, the force of the Aura energy exploding on impact, causing them to scream. When the smoke cleared, they laid there motionless. It was hard to tell if they were dead or just unconscious.

"Now then...It's just you..." He snarled, slowly stepping over to the lead goon, the claws on his toes clicking against the cold ground beneath him.

He aimed the gun at him, but he had run out of bullet, and would have been useless to fire again. That's why he took out a knife, and in one last desperate attempt, he charged at Hadou.

Hadou lunged forward, and raised his hands, preparing to use an Iron Claw attack. In a flash of light, the knife was rended into little pieces, the shattered blade fragments hitting the ground.

"Now it you who wants to be the hero?" Hadou said in a chilling voice. "The last time, you got off with a warning. But this time, you will be lucky if I let a vermin like you escape with your life!"

The man spat on the ground, grinning his teeth, and attempted punching Hadou, only ending up hurting himself. Frustrated, he attempted to escape.

"I'm gonna come back again, and I will..."

He was suddenly sent flying, knocked out by one single punch by Laura. She was standing there, both her hands made into fists, her eyes burning with hatred. She kicked him a few times before falling on her knees, looking down at her hand. There was some blood dripping from it, and looking at the man, his nose was bleeding profusely.

"That was an impressive punch..." Hadou chuckled as he grabbed the man, lifting him off the ground by his neck, and holding him above him. There was still an evident rage burning in the creatures eyes. Laura stood back up, looking on as the man was held in place by the creature.

"What...are you gonna do with him?" she asked.

"I don't know. Either kill him or teach him a lesson he will never forget..." He smirked.

She turned around, lowering her head. "Do your best...or worst..."

"Hrm?" He turned to her. "What's wrong?"

"I...don't want weak" she gulped. "Being threatened by evil people, being considered the lone helpless girl..."

"Is that what's on your mind?" He asked. "Is that what you think every time you look at me...that you wish you could be LIKE me?" He stepped closer, all the while holding the man in his grip.

She turned around to look at him. "Well...yes, intimidate people, you make them be afraid of you... and I...". She thought about it for second. "I want to be seen as the gentle kind of person. Strong and able to defend itself, but also charming and able to support people...that's what I wish I was" For a moment, she had wondered if she had even worded that in a way that he wouldn't take offence to it.

He stopped for a moment. "Now what is THAT meant to mean? I've never had anyone be afraid of me...well, with the exception of anyone who ever tries to harm me or my friends. But I can see what you are getting at."

She nodded. "Yeah...well, about that guy" she pointed at the leader, struggling to breath in Hadou's grasp. "Hang him somewhere high...that will teach him"

He looked at him, then back to her. "To be fair, that won't teach him any lesson...but...." He dropped himto the ground and focused, a dark aura surrounding the man, holding him in place.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" He cried out as he woke up, trying to move, only to find he was rooted to the ground.

"We'll deal with him in a minute...but first..." He walked over to Laura, looking at her. "What was that wish of yours again?"

She stepped back. " strong, yet charming and good willed....why?"

"I can make that happen, if you desire it to be true..." He smiled softly. "I can give you that wish, I can make you beautiful and powerful..."

She blushed. "Really? Are you serious"

Judging by the way he was looking at her, he was being pretty serious indeed. And because of what he told her earlier about his past...she could definitely guess what he meant by "I can make you beautiful and powerful". Yes, his eyes.

She gulped. "I'm not sure about this..."

"I can give you a few minutes to think about it if you desire. This is your choice, and your choice alone. I will not force it upon you if you do not desire it." He said, stepping aside for a moment, continuously keeping the man in check.

She sat down on a bench to think. It was clear that his way to make her just as strong as him...was to make her exactly like him. She wanted to question how such thing is even possible...but after seeing what Hadou was capable of...she knew he was powerful enough to do such wonder.

But the question remained...did she really want to spend the rest of her life as a Lucario?

Sure, that would give her all the power she wanted, but at the same time...her parents, her friends, her teachers...everyone would probably not recognize her, and this would definitely turn her life upside down. Still, maybe with some explanations, they might adjust to it...but what if they didn't?

She sighed. "I wish it was easier..."

But kind of think of it...there was something else that made that decision more appealing to her...and it was Hadou. He saved her twice, and he proved himself to be a kind gentle soul, despite his apparent beastly look. She remembered what she felt when she was walking in the streets with was an instant, but she marked by it.

She eventually stood up, walking to Hadou. She blushed a little. "You know...I think I can use some extra powers..."

"Are you entirely sure about it though? Have you fully taken your family and friends into account? I mean do any of them know what happened to you the first time around?" He didn't really want to drive it into the ground, but he knew it was a very big decision to make, to throw away your humanity. With him though, it wasn't a choice, but he didn't seem to mind his transformation. If anything he came out all the better.

"I.." she sighed, and nodded. "I'm willing to take the risk"

He gently took her hand in his paw, and looked deep into her eyes, as if mentally scanning her. "If anyone asks, I can fully explain everything if you wish me to."

"That would be great..." she smiled, even though she was fully aware that it was still like rolling a dice. But she closed her eyes and waited.

He smiled softly, and began to focus. "This may sting a little bit, but I will do my best to ensure that it is not painful." He said as her aura started to slowly become visable, a crystal blue in colour. He began to focus on that now, and it slowly started to grow more visable, the aura shifting through a rainbow of colours before setting back to blue.

She had her eyes closed, gritting her teeth. She did feel it, and it wasn't exactly pleasent...but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. After that, she felt like a cold feeling washing over her body, engulfing her in a chilling embrace.

"There we go..." He said, the aura disappearing from around her. "The process is done, and it should start any moment now." He smiled softly.

Laura opened her eyes. She didn't know what to say, she had no idea what she just went through, and she was unsure about it for a moment... untill she saw her hands, letting out a slight gasp. Fine black fur had began to sprout around them, a small bump forming on the backs of her hands, slowly growing outwards into a pair of sharp metal spikes. The fur covered her fingers, which elongated, growing a little thicker as her nails extended outwards, growing into long claws. She looked at her free hand, and on the underside could see her palms swelling up, forming thick pads.

She took a few steps back, watching in awe what was happening to her. She gulped. "Is this...real?" she asked.

"It is, very much so." Hadou said with a chuckle as some of the black fur went past her wrists, only to end in a few points, from which there dark blue fur began to spread over her body. Her arms grew a little thicker as she could feel the beginnings of the power that she had so desired.

She blushed when she heard her shirt sleeves ripping a little. " much am I gonna grow?" she asked, alreading fearing for her clothes...and other stuff as well, like the fact that he was looking, and they were in a public park...deserted yes, but still.

"Well you aren't really going to need any clothes when you are done now, are you? And besides, why are you getting embarrassed? If you haven't noticed, I ain't wearing anything either, bar all this fur." He smirked, holding her hand a little tighter as the sleeves tore completely, her shirt now being further strained by her chest, creamy coloured fur poking out through the top of her shirt as the fur around her shoulders turned black.

She couldn't help but keep blushing...but she nodded at him. He was right after all, rules will soon be different now. Also, she was slowly starting to feel it...the power he was talking about. Not only her arms felt more solid and strong to her, but also...something was like burning inside her.

"I am here for you, you know that." He said softly as her shirt gave way, exposing her enlarging frame. They looked like they had gone past the D size, but were still slowly growing. She would have turned bright red at this, but noticed that they were covered by her fur, which kept the intimate features of them hidden. For now at the least.

Usually, she would have never thought of a Lucario as something "beautiful"...but she really was becoming rather attractive, at least for Lucario standards. But even for human standards she was getting a rather nice body: still maintaining the well shaped femminine body, but gaining a nice coat of soft blue, black and vanilla yellow fur...pretty much, a plushie you really want to hug.

"You really are starting to look quite cute." Hadou said with a big smile as he noticed her chest spike grow in, just a few inches above her breasts, the bottom of it slightly buried by her 'ample' frame. She could feel her trousers start to tighten and split now as her legs started to grow and alter.

For some reason, she suddenly felt compelled to jump. She flexed her legs, and just jumped...really high. Now she knew why Hadou could jump and lead that high and that far, those legs were like the ultimate springs. She had a little of a rough landing, but she was fine.

"Sorry..." she said.

"It's ok. You'll get used to them soon enough." He smiled as her trousers gave away. Underneath, they saw that the top half of her legs were covered in a thick coat of blue fur, whilst the rest of her altering legs were covered in black fur. Her balance suddenly shifted to the balls of her feet as her shoes tore open, revealing her feet, the toes fusing together into three large digits, tipped with long sharp claws. She then felt the ground beneath her feet change a little bit, but this was due to the pads that had grown down there. Her body was mostly complete, bar a few things, but right now she looked to be a complete mix between a human and a Lucario.

But oddly enough, she didn't feel scared. She felt confident, happy, and thankful to the Lucario that had saved her twice. But there was more to it than that, as she looked at him intently.

"Say...Hadou...when I asked you if there was anything in your life you didn't have, and you said there wasn't much you actually desired...what exactly did you mean by that?" she asked, standing in front of him, stepping closer.

"I have a team of mon who are like a family to me, well known status... Yet I have never had the chance to find myself a proper partner. I had one back on the island, but I had to come back to civilisation. I don't think I would have been given a choice on it either way. But I was reunited with my mon, and my Latias. She was really worried about me." He said as a long tail grew out fromthe base of her spine, long and slender, ending with a point as it covered in the black fur. There was only one area left to change now.

"I see..." she giggled. For some reason, she expected him to say that. And unlike before, where she was pretty much a shy little girl that wasn't willing to take any risk, or even show her emotion whatsoever...she now wanted to show him how grateful she was.

"But I guess I shouldn't be bothering you with my problems here now, should I?" He said, looking on as the blue fur began to cover her face. Her jaws began to push outwards now, lower jaw inching out a little whilst her upper jaw pushed out further, nose sinking into her elongating, pointing face, nostrils flaring wide as her muzzle grew outwards.

"Ghhh" she gasped, falling on her knees, starting to glow blue.

Her teeth grew into razor sharp fangs, as new ones filled the spaces in her new maw, her tongue thickening to fit her muzzle properly. Black fur grew around her eyes and around the front of her muzzle, almost in the pattern of a mask. Her eyes were moved to the sides of her head, the colour of them shifting to a scarlet red as the pupils pulled into slits. Her ears moved to the top of her head, growing long and pointed, twitching a little as they shifted, her hair receding back into her head. And finally, from the back of her head, a set  of 'aura sensors' grew outwards.

"I believe you are now done." Hadou smiled.

She stood up, taking a deep breath. She closed her eyes and tried to focus. Her transformation, her feelings...all lead down to this. She opened her eyes and raised her arms, the blue flames engulfing her as she felt her powers being unleashed.

She lowered her arms and smiled, the flames dying down. "Now I am"

He smiled softly, looking at her. "I must say you are quite beautiful. I doubt anyone will try anything stupid with you now."

"You think?" she asked, spinning around a little, swinging her tail, and eventually almost falling over, Hadou quickly catching her.

"I think you need to be a little more careful, and get used to that form." he said with a chuckle, helping her back to her feet. "Besides which, I'm sure once you've got used to this, you'll be looking for a partner."

"What are you getting at?" she chuckled, taking his hand.

"I wasn't getting at anything. I was just saying with that body, you could have anyone you wanted. And I'm pretty sure that you will find someone, or you have someone in mind..." he said solemnly, turning back to the detained man.

She turned to look at him too. "Oh yeah, one second..."

She walked to him, picked him up, now feeling the full extent of her powers being at her disposal. Without any effort what's so ever, she tossed him in the air, and hit him with one powerful blast, that sent him flying all the way across the park, into a tree, and eventually on the ground, hitting his head on a rock and sending him unconscious.

She sighed. "Well, that hopefully taught him a lesson...but if he shows up again...god helps him. But anyways, about you...Hadou" she giggled, caressing his chest.

He looked on, impressed at what she had done with the man, letting out a whistle as he turned back to her. "Hrm? What about me?"

"I never had a chance to thank you for saving me...and of course, giving me this incredible powers...mhmm...what can I do, what can I do..." she said, walking around him, her hand feeling his shoulders, back, and muzzle.

"Well whatever you choose to do is entirely your own decision, like I said before..." He said, gazing into her eyes as she ran her pawhands over him.

"Awww, come on, quit being the gentleman...what is it that you really want?" she asked, pulling him close to her, gently hugging him.

He gazed at her a little more, he knew that she was coming onto him, and he smiled a little. "What I really want is to have a partner again..."

She smiled at him, and without warning him...she kissed him, pressing herself against him.

The Autumn leaves were falling and spinning all around them, blue flames engulfing their bodies. She was finally complete, not only in the body...but also in the mind and soul.

He was a little surprised by the sudden kiss, but he said nothing of it, shaking it off as he placed his arms around her back and held her close, his aura emanating now, making the flames grow larger. He leant into the kiss, purring softly.

She eventually broke it, smiling happily. " that a good enough answer for you?"

He grinned wide. "I think that's answered everything in advance!" He said, still holding her close. "Now then...." He saw the two unconscious thugs, and used his aura to lift them from the ground. He then proceeded to fling them skywards, in the direction of the police station. Turning to look at the dead goon, he just sighed. "What a waste of a life. But anyway..." He turned back to Laura. "What do you want to do now?"

She smiled. "I guess we will have to explain people what exactly happened to me...but first..." she giggled, dragging him behind a bush. "You look pretty tense...allow make you feel better"


The following months were, without a doubt, the best of Laura's life.

To her surprise, her parents actually took the news a lot better than she expected. They were shocked at first, that's sure....but they eventually got over it. Perhaps Hadou helped a little...after all, he was not the kind of guy you would really question.

Even if it took a little while, Laura managed to get back to her life without too many problems...and with Hadou at her side, she overcame them all, not stopping in front of anything.

In the end, she had all she ever wanted, and more. Life was good, and it could only get better.
A few days late, but it's the thought that counts :P This was a birthday collab i did with :iconben300: . I was originally gonna do him a separate story, but with college eating my time, I had to improvise slightly ^^;

Still, we both like it, it's a tf of a girl into Laura the Lucario, a character of his :)

Hope you like, and if you like this, PLEASE comment/fave bens version!

Ben's version: [link]

Story is (C) Me/Ben300
Lucario and Pokémon is (C) The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo
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Pokemaster7777 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
Just look under, 'Legend of the Sacred Megamorphs'. Laura and Hadou don't come in until p5, but the parts before have plenty of twists. Especially p1, and p3-4. (P.S. I don't really know how to make a link [joined last friday])
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Thankyou, thankyou so much for bringing the fire and spirit back in me, I'm gunna be writing like crazy! God, I can't think of anything else to say. *Wipes his head and laughs* Take a rest man, that must've taken a while to write.
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