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It was a quiet, early spring morning in Jubilife City. The town was unusually busy this time of the year. This was due to the fact that trainers from the Unova region were making their way through Sinnoh, bringing new Pokémon with them to impress everyone. A few of the trainers even stopped by the Trainer's School. Even though they didn't really need any nw training, some of them always wanted to check the facilites that Sinnoh had to offer. Speaking of Trainer's School, this story revolves around a little kid who is currently taking courses there, and how his life would be forever changed from this day on.

In a house near the outskirts of the city, a young boy was waking up from his sleep. Well as much sleep as he could get anyway, as for the last hour or so the only sounds that he heard was of his parents continious arguing. It was pretty much the story of poor 12 year old Mark's life. The relationship that they had had been somewhat rocky, even before they moved to Jubilife, thinking that it would be quieter than the hustle and bustle of living in Veilstone. Part of the reason why they moved to a smaller town was also to try to get Mark a bit more interested in becoming a Pokémon trainer. They thought that being in a town that had a school for young trainers to learn the basics of battle would be good for him, but Mark has never really been interested in becoming a trainer, or even Pokémon in general. He knew what they were, what they looked like, and has even interacted with a few of them (It's a required part of learning to battle), but he's just never felt up to becoming a trainer or even befriending a 'mon.

He had a quick shower, where even then he could hear his parents shouts through the closed bathroom door. After drying and dressing, he went to get a bowl of cereal from the kitchen. His parents arguing had gotten so bad over the last few weeks that they no longer showed up at breakfast to sit and talk with him. Nowadays he was lucky if he could even have dinner without them raising their voices at eachother. He just sighed as he ate his breakfast.

Not far from the house, a bipedial creature was running through the tall grass in Route 204. The pathway, that was normally packed with trainers, was eerily clear, but once again this was due to the fact that all the trainers had rushed to the nearest time to check out the Unova visitors, so for once all the Pokémon that were hiding from human eyes were resting and playing peacefully with each other.

"'s nice to have a peaceful stroll for a change" It chuckled to itself as it sat by one of the small lakes where the trainers usually fished for Magikarp and Psyduck, looking at its reflection in the water before dipping its feet into the cool lake.

"Just peace and quiet..." It purred to itself before its ears perked up, picking up on a loud sound coming from not too far away. "What's that?" it asked aloud as it stood back up. It followed the sound of the noise as it came across the source - Mark's house.

"What's going on in there..." It pondered as it looked through the window, seeing the shadows of his parents arguing away. "Sheesh, that's some nasty vocabulary..." It shook its head, noticing the boy walking out of the house. He had his head hung low, schoolbag in his hand as he wiped a single tear from his eye.

The Pokémon's ears drooped a little, looking at Mark. "Poor his life always like this?" It thought to itself as Mark started to make his way down to the trainers school. "Perhaps I should keep an eye on him, just to see what his daily life is like." With that, the creature began to follow him, keeping hidden from sight by jumping from rooftop to rooftop, keeping an eye on the youth.

As Mark made his way to the main town, he could hear the excited chatter of trainers and new Pokémon browsing the town. A lot of them looked on curiously at the new starters Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy, whilst some of the female trainers were melting over the sheer cuteness of 'mons like Axew, Joltik and Emolga. He had to let out a slight chuckle when he saw a trainer trying to restrain his Snorlax from trying to eat a Unova trainer's Vanilluxe, repeatedly shouting "That's a Pokémon, not a dessert!", whilst the other trainer yelled. "Keep that walking garbage disposal away from my ice crea-I mean Vanilluxe!". The mon itself just looked at its trainer and rolled its eyes, mentally saying 'That's like the 10th time you've called me that this week!'

"Well this explains where everyone is..." the creature chuckled, standing atop of the Jubilife TV building and looking down at the massive crowd.It still had its eyes on Mark, being able to distinguish it from all the other humans that were packed into the city today.

As Mark kept walking, a few trainers seemed to bump into him, the others not noticing the small boy who was walking through the mass of people to get to school.

"Sorry...sorry...sorry!" He said with each bump, being pushed aside several times. Even though none of this was his fault, he kept apologising to each individual who bumped into him, even when he was knocked to the ground as a result.

"Does anyone seem to care for him?" The mon shook its head a little, continuing to watch him slowly make his way to the Trainer's School.

As he kept walking, he bumped into another thing.

"Ah, sorry"

"Axew..." A little green mon with two blunt tusks growing from the side of its mouth, a large fin on top of its head, and shiny red eyes rubbed its head as it got back up, looking at the human before him. "Axew Axew!" It called out in a way that seemed to imply that it was saying "I'm ok, don't worry!"

Mark just looked at it, almost frozen in place. He didn't know what to say, and it was a Pokémon that he was in no way familiar with.

"Axew?" It tilted its head, looking at him slightly confused. "Axew Ax?"

"I..I'm fine..." He stammered a little, still looking a bit shy.

"Axew!" It smiled to him. He managed to break a smile back to the cute little Dragon-Type. It was the first time he had smiled in a while, if anything.

"Ah there you are!" A trainer called out, approaching the Axew. "I've been looking all over for you. You haven't been up to mischief, have you?" He asked as he picked it up.

"Sorry, he bumped into me whilst I was walking...I hope it wasn't any inconvience..." Mark said, trailing off a little.

"Don't worry about it, really." The trainer smiled to him. "We're both new here, and lil' Axew has a tendancy to wander off and explore."

"Still, I'm sorry if I did anything wrong." He hung his head low a little with that comment.

"You did nothing wrong, there's no need to beat yourself up about it." The trainer assured him as the Axew patted Marks head. The boy blushed a little bit, he hadn't really spent much time with Pokémon outside of battling, so he was a little taken back by the creature trying to comfort him a little bit. "We better be on our way now though, so who knows, we might see you again sometime or someday!" The trainer grinned as he walked off, still carrying his Axew. "Seeya around!" he waved to him.

Mark just stood there for a few more minutes, still a bit surprised. Eventually he shook it off and continued to walk, the school now in sight.

"He'd get along with them if he spent more time with them..." The Pokémon observing him commented, still following the boy as he got to the school. As he approached the entrance, he found a notice near the gateway. He approached it and read it out:

"Dear students,

Due to the recent ammount of activity from our visitors from the Unova region, we've suspended lessons for the next few days so that we can get to know our new friends from abroad, and to check out the Pokémon they have brought with them. Just think of it as a 'special holiday' if you will. Just don't try to cause trouble for our new friends."

"Huh...I've never known the school to close for special occasions before." He thought to himself. "Maybe it might be worth checking them out after all." He said aloud. He was about to take a step forward, when...


"Owww....what hit me?" He groaned, rubbing his head as he stood back up, seeing a group of kids in front of him.

"Well well, it's the little boy who doesn't want to be here." One of them chuckled, looking down at Mark. "What's the matter, none of the new mon spark an interest in you?"

"'s not like that..." Mark stammered a little, looking at them. Each were giving him a look of pure hostility, and it was unlikely that they'd just let him go without some sort of a fight. The last time he was attacked, nothing was done about it due to just how well that group could play innocent, saying it was Mark who started on them, and all that ever resulted in was the boy getting in further trouble with everyone.

"Then what is it like? You've been here for around 4 months now and you've done nothing special at all. You haven't grown attached to any of the Pokémon, nor have you shown any effort in trying to battle. You're a lost cause!" They laughed.

From a few buildings away, the creature was looking on at the situation, growling a little. "What is their problem...typical bullies..." It shook its head. "What do they plan to do to him?"

"Look...I'll give you anything you want if you promise to leave me alone..." Mark tried to plea with his tormentors.

"That's the problem, there is nothing we want off of I think it's time we beat a little sense into you, maybe then you'll decide to leave this place." The oldest of the group smirked, picking up a Poké Ball from his belt. "This is something that my brother brought me over from Unova - it might be able to drill some sense into you!" He laughed as he threw the ball into the air, a flash of light emerging from it as a Pokémon emerged.

"Exca!" The creature roared as it stood before the group. It wasn't a very big creature, like Mark was expecting, but it was still a somewhat nasty looking one. It was covered in brown fur, with a few streaks of pinkish red across its chest. It's hands were tipped with three razor sharp claws, which when held together looked like spiked shovels. It had an additional spiked blade above its head, which was covered in white fur with two red streaks on either side of its face, tipped with a large pink nose.

"Now then Excadrill. I can't be surprised if you're not happy to see it, this one that my brother found has a pretty nasty temper."

Mark tried to back away from the trio, trying to make a quick escape, but they had him up against the wall.

" don't want to do this..." He stammered more, a few tears starting to drip from his eyes.

"There you go, crying'll never solve anything by crying, you wimp!" He taunted the kid.

The watching Pokémon looked down at them, growling angrilly. "Those can they go around doing this...they don't deserve to have Pokémon, let alone be trainers!" It snarled as it moved in closer.

"Let's just get this over with quickly. I hate to see someone cry." The kid grinned as he turned towards Excadrill. "Ok then Excadrill, give him a taste of your Drill Run!"

"Drill! Excccaaa..." It growled as it positioned its metal claws above its head, starting to spin rapidly, giving it the appearance of a living drill. "DRRRRRRIIIIIILLLL!" It roared as it charged towards the boy.

Mark panicked, his back against the wall as he tried to look for an escape route. No matter where he looked though, there was no way to run, nor was there anywhere to hide. He saw the creature rushing towards him, looking more and more like his impending doom the closer he got. With nothing else to do, he curled up, screaming as he did so.

"HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!" He cried out.

Usually that cry for help would go unanswered, his tormentors would quickly flee before the truth could be discovered. This time however, his call would be answered by an unlikely source.

Mere inches before the Excadrill could strike the boy, it was knocked off course as it was struck by a ball of blue energy, knocking it into the wall beside it with a cry of "Excaaaa!". The wall was quickly rended by the rapid spinning motion of the Subterrene Pokémon.

"What the...what was that?!" The lead bully exclaimed, looking around. "That attack looked like an Aura Sphere...but where did it come from? You don't have any Pokémon, let alone one that knows that move!" He yelled, looking a tiny bit unnerved - this was the first time that anything like this had happened to him. "Get up, Excadrill!"

"Dri..." The Pokémon groaned as it pushed itself back up from the hole it had dug itself into, looking at Mark with a hint of confusion before looking back at its trainer.

"Maybe we should try a different tactic, you're pretty close to him now... use Metal Claw!" He commanded. The mole was about to slash at Mark with those giant claws at him, but before it could bring them down, it was hit with another Aura Sphere from out of nowhere, knocking it back into the hole.

"Excadrill!" He cried out to his mon, looking around. "What are you doing to my Pokémon? Do you know what my brother will do if he found out that one of his strongest Pokémon was taken out like that?!"

Looking at the bully, Mark couldn't help but smirk a little once again. The kid was usually calm and composed, but after two attacks out of the blue, he was starting to fall apart.

"Don't give me that look!" He yelled. "Excadrill, use Hyper Beam!"

The Pokémon staggered back to its feet, groaning. The trainer was not giving much thought to the creature, nor did he seem to remember that a Fighting-Type move such as Aura Sphere dealt double damage to the half-Steel, half-Ground mole. Its vision was blurring as it tried to focus on the kid.

"" It growled, drawing in the strenght for one last attempt. It began to charge a beam of energy in its maw, aiming towards Mark. Before it could strike though, a tall Pokémon rushed into view, striking it hard in the chest with a black paw.

"EXXXCCAAAAAA!!" It cried out as it was flung backwards, the built up energy being fired into the sky.

"No, Excadrill!" The kid yelled as it hit the ground hard, face first.

"Exca...Ex..." It groaned as it rolled onto its side, showing its face. The typical black swirls where its eyes were was a pretty good sign that it had been knocked out cold from those attacks.

"D...damn you..." He stammered a little, his hand curling into a fist. "DAMN YOU!" He yelled as he charged towards Mark. He began to shield himself before the Pokémon that was responsible for knocking out the Excadrill jumped between them."

"Now now...this is quite enough of that!" It snapped at the kid, looking down at him with piercing red eyes.

Mark lowered his arms, looking at his saviour. The one time that he would be saved, he was expecting a human being to be standing there...instead he was looking at a tall Pokémon, whose body was covered mainly in black and blue fur, light creamy fur covering its chest. It had large spikes on the back of its hands, as well as one sticking out of its chest. The creature was canine in appearance, bearing a long pointed muzzle and large, pointed ears. Four large 'Aura sensors' dangled from the back of its head as a large, pointed tail wagged gently behind it.

"A...A Lucario..." The kid gulped, backing away a little. "What is something like you doing around here?"

"Something?" it growled in a feminine tone, looking down at the bullies. If you really are a Pokémon trainer, you think you'd have a bit more respect for us...not that I'd ever listen to your commands..." She said as she looked at the KO'd Excadrill. "You might want to recall it before any more harm comes to the creature...I didn't mean to go that far on it, but you were forcing me to take action."

The boy quickly recalled the fainted Pokémon, still looking at the Lucario. Whilst her back was turned, he was preparing to take another of his Pokémon from his belt, getting ready to release it. The Lucario turned her head to face him. "Try it, and it'll end up in a worse condition than yuor Excadrill..." She hissed, her eyes glowing. "Besides which...I think it's about time that you were dealt some punishment for what you've put him through!" She said with a somewhat dark smile, preparing to charge up an Aura Sphere towards them.

"Wha...what are you doing?" They stammered, holding close to each other.

"Well let's see...I'm going to make you feel the pain you've inflicted on this poor kid...unless you turn yourself in here and now."

"Are you kidding, I don't apologise for anything!" the main kid said, trying to put up a brave front.

"Well, on yuor head be it!" She laughed as the Aura Sphere suddenly double in size.

"YYAAAHHHH!!" The bullies screeched in a somewhat girly tone as they quickly ran into the school, heading straight to the head's office.

"Hehe...that never once fails." The Lucario laughed as the Sphere dissappeared into a blue mist. "All cowards at heart...not that I could blame them, being hit with this sort of thing would hurt like hell."

Mark looked at the tall canid, slowly approaching her. "Er...excuse me mam..." He started as she turned to face the boy. "Th..thank you for saving me...I thought for a moment they were going to out and out kill me..."

She knelt down beside him, placing a paw on his shoulder. "I haven't seen a Pokémon like that before either. From the looks of those claws, it could have easily killed you, if not somewhat maim you. But you're ok now." She smiled to him. "Besides which, people like that really annoy me...they think they're better than everyone else and can get away with anything because they have some sort of strong Poké sickens me to think humans would use them like that."

"I'm thankful that you were around to see that I was not hurt or anything though... not to mention you're the firsté has shown me any form of compassion in a while..."

"I can tell...I've been following you since you left home this morning...I saw your parents arguing through the window...I feel sorry for's never nice to see parents fighting, even someone like you, who right now could use some attention."

"Yeah, good luck...they see little of me considering all the time they spend arguing with each other..." He hung his head low.

"Oh, you poor dear..." She leant in a little closer, gently nuzzling Mark. "I wish there was something I could do to help you out....OH!" She gasped as something came to mind. "I think there is something I can offer you!"

"Yeah?" His little ears perked up when she said that.

"Why don't I become your parental figure? I'm sure I'd do a pretty good job of it, and I've always wanted a kid to call my own and everything." She giggled.

" exactly would you pull that off? I'm a human being...not to mention that I'm not that good around Pokémon..."

"That's because the only real time you've spent with them is when you've been practising battles in school. Besides, I'm sure with the time and care, you'd become great friends with a Pokémon. I mean I saw you with that Axew earlier on, you seemed to get along quite well with the little guy!" She smiled.

"I guess...but I'm sure I'm missing the point somewhere, how exactly would you become my parent?" He questioned her.

"Good question. As you know little about me, I'm pretty sure you know next to nothing about Aura, right?" She asked as Mark shook his head. "I thought not. Well pretty much Aura is the energy that all living things give off. Humans, plants, animals, Poké name it, they each have their own Aura. And I'm a Pokémon who is blessed with the ability to read those Auras."

"I what exactly are you getting at?"

"A good Lucario friend of mine taught me a little trick that he called Aura Manipulation. Basically if I focus long enough on someones Aura, I can take hold of it and alter it, and along with that I can change the appearance of a human being, turning them into a Pokémon like me, or whatever they chose to be. You follow?"

"'re trying to to change me?"

"Don't worry, it would only be into a Riolu. I think it's fitting for your age. Just think, a year or so from now, you'll grow into a Lucario - perhaps sooner with training." She chuckled. "Of course though, that choice is for you and you alone to make. I will not force it upon you, I just want you to be happy is all."

"If..If I did...what would happen with my parents?"

"Don't worry, if you are changed I'll use my Aura Manipulation to erase any trace of you from their memories...If I could do the same to stop them from arguing I could, but that friend of mine is still teaching me how to control aggression in other people."

" ARE actually considerate of me and my feelings..." He said, looking away for a moment before turning back to the Lucario. "It won't hurt or anything, will it?"

She just laughed. "Oh no, it's a completly painless. You might feel some minor tingling here and there, but that's about it. No pain, all gain."

" is would be nice to actually be loved and everything."

She smiled, purring softly to him. "If you choose to be with me, I'll swear that I won't let anything happen to you, and I'll introduce you to a load of new friends...I promise you that." She placed a soft kiss on his head. With that Mark turned bright red. He couldn't recall the last time his mom kissed him, and he had forgotten what it felt like.

"Sure...Just do what you need to" He smiled up to her.

"Are you really sure about this? I am required to ask people twice." She chuckled.

"Well I ain't backing down, so do whatever you have to do." Mark confirmed.

"That's good then. Before we do anything though, we're gonna need to go somewhere out of sight. If I do this in front of a group of people, they might freak out...or ask me to change them too. And I can only do so much, I don't want to drain myself of all my energy. Just follow me." She said, motioning for Mark to follow her. Not too soon after, they were back in the forest.

"So what do I need to do for this?" Mark ashed the Lucario as they stood in a small clearing, flowers in full bloom around them.

"Just stand there and try not to move around too much, that's pretty much it. And don't worry about the clothes, they won't get damaged or anything, but you might want to take them off after the change is finished."

"Why's that?" He asked her curiously.

"Well when was the last time you saw any kind of Pokémno dressed in human clothing?" She laughed.

" have a good point there...ehehe." He chuckled a little. "How long will this take?"

"Hrm...Well Riolu's are pretty simple, so this should take no more than 5 minutes if that... Now just relax, and I'll start, k dear?" She smiled.

"Ok, I'm ready whenever you are!"

"Gotya." She nodded as she closed her eyes, starting to focus on the boy, picking up on his Aura. "Ok, I've got a hold of comes the reshaping...bear with me dear." she told him as she focused more, his Aura becoming visable now.

Mark stood there, looking at her confidently as she kept her focus. At first, he thought that nothing was going to happen, that she might be wasting her time with this attempted transformation. Then he noticed the blue fur that was starting to grow along his arms.

"'s working?" He gasped loudly, watching the fur spread up into his shirt. His hands changed into little paws with moveable fingers, palms swelling into soft pads as his nails grew into tiny claws, which while they didn't look it, they were surprisingly sharp. He noticed two large white stripes growing up his wrists - these would no doubt become spikes when he grew up/evolved.

"Told you it would." She smirked, keeping her forcus as black fur grew over his chest, spiking around his waist so it mixed in with the thicker fur that was growing around his legs. "You might want to remove your shoes at the least though." She laughed as he quickly kicked them off, pulling off his socks as he saw that black fur had grown around them, toes having fused into three digits, his stance shifting slightly, all pressure now on the balls of his feet as pads formed on the undersides, heels raising skywards.

"You might feel a slight tingling with this part" She alerted him as a bump formed at the base of his spine, his shorts being pushed down slightly as a medium-sized tail began to grow out of him, the back part of it pointing down at an angle. He ran a hand along it as it gently wagged behind him.

"Nearly done now" She told him as a ring of yellow fur grew around his neck, his jaws slowly pushing outwards into a slight, rounded muzzle, a slight point at the tip of it as his teeth grew into small fangs. Patches of black fur grew around his face, noticably around his eyes, which grew a bit larger in size, turning a soft red colour, pupils pulling into slightly rounded slits. His ears moved up to the top of his head as his hair shrank into the blue fur, growing to slight points as the changes ended with a singular pair of 'Aura Sensors' growing on each side of his head.

"There we go, all done!" She smiled as she opened her eyes, looking down at the boy. She had done a pretty good job of changing him, now bearing no semblance to the human that he used to be. Well except for the fact that he was the same size as he was when he was human, not to mention he was still wearing his clothes. "You know you can remove those now." She smirked, gently taking them off of him.

"It's gonna take a little while to get used to walking around without clothes, isn't it?" Mark asked her.

"Mmm, not really. Like I said before, Pokémon don't wear clothes...well unless you wanted to dress them up for a contest." She giggled. "So to answer your question, no."

"I suppose you're right there" He said, looking over his new body. "So what do we do now?"

"Well...first we need to sort out your parents so we can clear their memory of your exsistance...after that I'll take you to my home so you can get familiar with your new dwelling" She purred softly, approaching him and extending a paw to him.

"I'd like that." He smiled to her, gently taking her larger hand in his own as she picked him up, sitting him down on her shoulder. "Lead the way, mom."

After they were finished in the forest, they made their way back through the town, both of them looking at all the Pokémon roaming the city with their trainers. As they walked on, Mark recognised the Axew from earlier and waved at it. The little dragon noticed the human-turned-Riolu and waved back at him, smiling. "Remind me if we ever go to Unova to find you one of those little guys." She smiled to him. "Sure, I'd love that!" He smiled to her.

When they reached the outskirts of the town, the Lucario quietly made her way round the back of his former household, managing to find his former parents and began to focus on them. It only took her a couple of minutes, but soon all knowledge of Mark was wiped clean from their mind. And with that, the arguments seemed to stop slowly afterwards. She kept checking back every day or so to keep an eye on them, and it seemed that they were living normal lives again. "I feel sorry for those least they seem at peace now though..."

She also checked back round the Trainer's School a couple of days later to see if those bullies had learned their lesson, and from the looks of it they had. Turns out that they did finally confess to the head about all their tormenting of Mark and others, and were only being kept in the school if they promised to turn their act around, which they had managed to do. There were a few people wondering what happened to the student though, but most of the 'answers' to that was that his parents pulled him out due to everything what had happened.

As for Mark, he had quickly gotten used to his life as a Pokémon, doing the occasional training with his mother (Which he admitted was a lot more fun than training how to battle other Pokémon) and quickly befriending the critters that lived there. He had already made friends with a Shinx and a Kirlia, and the list of friends grew by the day. There are times that he did miss his human parents, but the Lucario had quickly grew to love him, as he did her, finally feeling like a family at last.

Maybe liking Pokémon isn't so bad after all, if it leads to things like this.
A commission for Animorph59 over on Furaffinity. They wanted me to do a Riolu TF centred around a bullied/abused kid. Was a bit of a challenge but I pulled it off :)

I am currently open for commissions, if you are interested please send me a note (I'm in Spain till the 19th though, so I can't start anything before then unless I can get online again, it's 12 euros a day for 24 hours of wi-fi ^^; )


Mark is (C) Animorph59
Pokémon is (C) Pokémon Company International/Nintendo
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This holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it (rapidly says various complimemts), but this is what got me into TFs.
Cody4537 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Student Photographer
MilesPrower374 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
I thought this story was pretty cool. I like how you were able to control the emotions in the story to make them into this.
ygolover222 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
hey just out of curiousity do you know what the pokemon eggs look like.......all the species.?

BTW i love this, it's sooooo beautiful, kinda makes me wish i had someone like this when m parents were going through the whole pre-divorce's not fun to hear all the fighting, and yelling. :( but i had siblings that fell back on me, i would never leave them alone :D Gotta love family :love:
Coolcole53 Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I only know a few Pokémon eggs. Phanpy Scraggy and Eevee.
ygolover222 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Yeah me too. i know riolu, eevee, and togapi :D nothing else LOL i think there are too many to keep track of. Thanks anyways :D
Coolcole53 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah. I forgot about Togapi. I love Riolu.
ygolover222 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Togapi, Riolu, Charmander,Pikachu, all those cute lovable Pokemon :D

At least those are my favs so far.
Coolcole53 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
My faves are Riolu, Weavile, Lucario, and Requaza.
ygolover222 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
I like Lucario too, and riolu...i love that movie with Mew and Lucario.

(gasps) I love mew, he/she is adorible :D
Coolcole53 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Cool me too.
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KyuubitheZoroark Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Dude,u should make a sequel to this
AssassinX-and-BH Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
Love it. Espically the part about Vanilluxe. Ice cream... lol
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
XD Thank you!
XGBlue Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
"Keep that walking garbage disposal away from my ice crea-I mean Vanilluxe!" <- Because Unova Pokemon suck that much.

I loved this, nice job! x3

Great, now I'm taking a liking to Azew... -.-
AuraGuardianHadou Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, Vanilluxe is weird like that ^^;

Thanks (And hey, I like Axew XD)
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