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It was your typical mid-summer evening. The sun was slowly setting, people were out trying to catch some sun, and a lot of people were trying to find ways to cool off in this heat. It's little wonder why a town such as Alto Mare did so well at this time of the year - it was full of tourists from all four regions who were trying to cool off and spend a nice, peaceful holiday in the watery city. Among them were two trainers, Peter and Sarah. The two of them had been long term friends, and Peter wanted to use this opportunity to propose to his partner, but he wanted to save it for nighttime when all was quiet.

What he was not aware of, however, is that Sarah had the same idea in mind, likewise wanting to show her devotion to him. Also like him, she wanted to wait until there weren't huge crowds milling about the streets and canals. She was nervous, pausing every time that she needed to get something from her pack to make sure that the proposal gift was still there: a small, bright red, triangular amulet.

Whilst she did that, Peter was doing pretty much the same, looking in the side pocket of his backpack and looking at the gift that he had gotten for her, a pendant similar in design to what she had, only bright blue in coloration.

After a while, as the sun continued to set, she turned to face him. "Hey, Peter... Want to head over to the edge of the city to watch the sunset? I'm sure it looks wonderful shining over the ocean..."

"Sure, I heard that they have some nice places to eat around the water's edge. It should be really relaxing." He smiled, taking her hand in his own. "Ladies first."

She nodded, smiling, and slowly strolled along the paths and bridges toward the oceans. "It's a very pretty city,isn't it? I wouldn't mind coming back here later in the year, when there aren't so many people."

"I'm sure we can arrange a trip here again, in a couple of months it should all be quieter." He said, following her as they soon reached the edge of the city, looking out upon the sea. " looks so beautiful from here, doesn't it?"

"Yeah..." She sat down on the edge of the path, feet dangling over the ocean. "C'Mon. Sit down next to me." She swallowed hard as she tried to stir up her courage, sliding the box that contained the amulet out of her pack as discreetly as she could. "You know, Peter, there was something I wanted to ask you about..."

"Yeah?" He blushed a little bit, his hand sliding into the side of his backpack. "There was something that I wanted to ask you too...but as you chimed in first, I'll let you finish what you were going to say."

"Well... Err..." She blushed fiercely and presented the box to him. "I was wondering.... If you would... Marry me."

Peter turned bright red for a moment, looking at Sarah. "Wow...Ok, I wasn't expecting you to ask me that..." He rubbed the back of his head a little awkwardly. "Cause I was going to ask you the exact same question."

She paused for a moment, bewildered, then hugged him tightly. "I guess that means you will, then?"

"Well I'd be a pretty stupid person to reject that offer now, wouldn't I?" He said with a broad smile, leaning forward to give Sarah a great big hug.

She smiled, staying still in his embrace for a few moments before kissing him softly and holding the small container with her gift back up to him. "Want to take a look?"

"Sure, if you'll take a look at what I got you as well" He said, passing her the little box that contained the engagement gift he had gotten for her. "I hope you like it, I saw it and I really thought of you."

She smiled sweetly, taking it from him and waiting for him to start to open hers so they could open them at once. "I'm sure that I will like it, then." As she peeked under the lid, she giggled brightly and glanced back up at him, a smile in her eyes.

"I hope so." He chuckled as they opened the boxes at the same time, revealing the two near-identical pendants. "Aww...that looks beautiful." He smiled, carefully picking up the red triangular pendant, looking at it as he saw Sarah looking over the blue one with adoration.

"Were you reading my mind or something when you were deciding what to get me?" She joked.

"I guess we're more similar than we thought... But I love it. It's gorgeous. I love the color, too." She hugged him again, beaming broadly. "Put it on! I proposed first, so you have to put it on first. I really want to see how you look with it on."

"As you wish, my dear." He smiled, extending the small chain fully out as he gently slipped it down around his neck, the pendant resting against his chest. "Well how does it look on me?"

"It looks wonderful!" She quickly kissed him on the cheek. "And I'm glad it does, because you're going to be wearing it all the time, right? In fact, I ought to put mine on now." She pulled the amulet back out of the box, smiling as she placed it around her neck. "What do you think?"

"It looks beautiful, sweetheart." He said, looking at the pendant as the moonlight shone down upon them. "I've known you for so many years, and I wanted this night to be extra special for the both of us."

She nodded, still smiling. "I did too." A moment of silence passed, before she leaned over the water, straining to see her reflection. "It does look nice on me, doesn't it? Though I must have been a lot more nervous than I thought... I look really pale."

"Yeah, you do seem to look a bit shocked..." He commented as he saw that her face was indeed pretty pale looking. Not only that, but he also noticed what looked like soft, feather-like scales were starting to sprout over her face, her neck beginning to grow a little bit. "And that cannot be natural..."

"What?" She asked quizzically, turning back to face him. "Am I not allowed to be nervous proposing to you?" She cracked her slowly lengthening neck, oblivious to the changes gradually engulfing her body.

"No, you have every right to be...I'm just commenting on something else." He said, seeing the same scales starting to spread across her arms now, only these ones were a bright red in colour. There were a few cracks and pops as her fingers grew a little longer, nails growing out into sharpened claws.

"What is it, then?" She asked worriedly, glancing about in an attempt to see what he might be talking about, oblivious to the changes spreading throughout her. "What's going on?" She itched fiercely at the backs of her arms as the spreading scales slowly grew thicker, into large plates that stretched just past her elbows yet maintained their soft and feathery appearance.

"Errr...your guess is as good as mine right now..." He blinked, seeing her form starting to swell a little bit. Her stomach and chest seemed to push out a little against her clothing, the fabric slowly growing constricting as thick red scales began to grow over her front.

"I-I feel so strange." She whispered, starting to become a little frightened. "Something feels a little... wrong." She drew closer to him, looking at him worriedly. "Please... Hold me..."

Peter nodded, holding her close to him as her shirt tore a little down the sides from her growing and swelling form, a pair of nubs starting to form at her shoulders. "You know, you're starting to look like a Pokémon...and I think I know what one." He told her as her jaws cracked and shifted a little, starting to push out. Her nostrils flared wide as her nose sank into her upper jaw.

"Uhn...." she murmured softly as her jaw finished its extension into a somewhat draconic muzzle. She struggled to not show the pain and discomfort of the changes, instead trying to speak calmly to Peter despite her growing fright. "A Pokémon? Wh-what one?'

"If I know my Pokémon..." He said as her hair grew a little longer, taking on a slight red tint as it rested between her shoulderblades, the bumps growing larger. Her eyes moved to the sides of her head, turning from a soft brown into a bright gold, pupils pulling into thin slits as her ears grew larger and pointed, shifting into horns as they moved to the top of her head with a few cracks. "You're turning into a Latias..." He seemed to blush a little. "And Latias was always one of my favourites..."

She struggled to look at him, glancing back and forth in an attempt to see him despite her shifted eyes. "L-latias?" She held him closer and tighter. "I've always liked Latias too... but I don't know if I want to be one." She leaned up slightly, nuzzling his cheek as she struggles to restrain tears from the pressure at her shoulder blades.

"Why not...Latias are extremly beautiful Pokémon...and you are the prettiest girl that I know, Sarah..." Peter smiled softly to her, gently caressing her muzzle as her shirt split open, revealing her changed torso. Thankfully the scales that had covered her form also acted as a modesty shield, hiding certain details of her form. With her chest exposed, they noticed that there was also a large, blue triangle pattern just above her stomach.

A look of acceptance began to slowly pass over her face as she kissed him softly, the nubs on her back growing ever larger. "I guess so... can you still hold me, though?" Despite the changes in her body, she was steadily beginning to feel more attached to him, as if there was a link that nothing could break being forged. As she looked up into his eyes, he saw the red scales forming a hood that covered her nose, engulfing the upper half of her face save for a shield-like pattern on her forehead, that remained an untainted white.

He smiled again, holding her close as the bumps on her shoulders suddenly grew out larger, scales covering the new limbs as they formed into a set of wings. They were different to the usual wings that most Pokémon possessed, in the fact that they looked more like what you would find on a jet plane, angled with pointed edges. Feeling quickly spread throughout the new limbs, and she flapped them eagerly, a smile crossing her face as she managed to get a little bit off of the ground, bringing Peter with her as she held tight to him.

"I can fly?" She asked him with shock, looking at her feet hovering a few inches from the dock's surface. She turned back to face Peter, a look of pure joy and delight beginning to spread across her face. "I-I can fly!" She began straining with her wings, desperately trying to gain more altitude, struggling to carry the both of them to a nearby rooftop.

"Be careful, you don't want to send me swimming at this hour!" He laughed. If she was to turn into a Latias, he imagined that her legs would be shrinking away to nothingness, but the opposite happened, they grew a little longer as her thighs swelled a little bit, shoes swelling slightly as her feet began to grow.

"Well this is different as well...seems you aren't becoming a standard Latias." He smirked, watching her shoes burst open as her toes grew a little longer and rounder, sharp claws growing from her toenails.

"I still have feet? I'm... going to be some sort of... hybrid?" She nuzzled him happily, trying to wrap her wings around him to hug him with those as well. "I'll be a lot like you, then... We'll still be boyfriend and girlfriend, fiances, not Pokémon and trainer... I was kind of worried about that..."

"Even if you shifted into a Pokémon, my love for you would never change. A part of you would always remain human, and I know you'd have the same love for me regardless of forms." He smiled as her trousers tore apart from the hips, revealing red scaled legs. "You know, I'd love to hear your cry."

"Really? I don't really know... It's still really natural for me to use human words, so I'm not sure that it'll sound any good..." She looked at him for a few moments, then finally decided. "But since you want me to, I'll try." She blushed slightly as she leaned backwards, placing her hands on her knees as she lifted her head skywards. Slowly, she found the cry within her, and let it free. "Llaaatii~~♫ Latiiaasss~♪" She sang softly for a few minutes, before opening her eyes and looking back at her fiance. "What did you think?"

Looking at him, she noticed a single tear drip down the side of his face. "Stunningly beautiful." He said with a smile, kneeling down beside the anthromorphic Latias as he wrapped his arms around her. "I really thought it was impossible for me to love you any more than I did, but you've proved me wrong." He said softly, looking into her big yellow eyes.

She looked back into his eyes, hugging him tightly. "Thank you so much..." She let herself be still in his embrace for a few moments before she realized that she could feel something.... The connection that had been forged between them by her change growing stronger. But not from her. Rather, she could feel something changing deep within him, and as she leaned back to look at his face, she saw it becoming a pale grey, a shade similar to her own, but slightly darker.

With a squeal of delight, she nuzzled him fiercely, pausing only to whisper to him. "I think that you're about to change, too."

"Yeah?" He said with childlike glee, feeling small downy scales, similar to the ones that had grown over Sarah's form, slowly covering parts of his face, starting to crawl down his slowly elongating neck. He let out a slight groan as some of the vertebrae cracked and popped, new ones growing in as his spine lenghtened slightly. Reaching up to feel his face, he also felt his ears feeling a little stiffer and pointed.

" just amazing!" He grinned, seeing the reflection of his face in her large eyes, noticing his own eyes growing slightly larger, turning a deep crimson as the pupils pulled into slits.

She reached up and tickled his ears as they slid up and back along his face, becoming more like horns, but much longer and thinner than hers. As the soft gray scales spread down his face, a second wave of feathery scales began to wash over him. Starting from his forehead, they washed down, covering half his face, except, much like for her, for a small shape on his forehead. In his case, a long oval shape, coming to rest on the top of his face as it elongated into a muzzle, much longer and sharper than hers.

"I have to admit...outside of the random pain...this kinda tickles" He giggled as the scales kept spreading, his shirt starting to grow tighter now as his own frame started to broaden a little. Aside from gaining a little weight, which was evident as his gurgling stomach swelled out a little, his muscles were starting to develop and grow, pectoral and abdominal muscles quickly defining themselves as his shirt strained more against his improving physique. Like with his head, blue scales had sprouted across most of his torso, revealing themselves through rips in his shirt.

She murred happily, nuzzling his chest as it slowly expanded outward. "So soft... You're becoming even cuter and more handsome than you had been, aren't you." She slowly helped remove his shirt, revealing a grey and blue feathery form, marked with a triangle in the center of his chest, the same shade of red as her scales. She stroked the growing nubs starting to creak out from his shoulderblades, chuckling softly. "We'll be able to fly together soon..."

"Flying side by side, gazing at the moon, flying over this city..." He purred gently, nuzzling her head as the nubs finally exploded in a surge of growth, wings similar to the ones that Sarah had grown now adorning his back. They appeared to be slightly larger than those of the anthro Latias, as well as having a few more points at the tips. As they gained feeling, he tried gently flapping them a little bit. Within a few short seconds he was hovering off the ground, laughing as he looked down at hir partner. "This feels brilliant!"

"Doesn't it?" She cried out happily as she floated up to take his hands. "Do you want to fly around for a bit? Or would you rather wait a little bit for your change to finish?" She kissed his fingers as small claws began to creep from their tips, blue feathery scales running down from them to form plates along his forearms like hers.

"Well all that are left are the legs...why don't we have a fly around whilst they form, I really don't want to waste any time!" He grinned, grabbing her hands as they took off eagerly, gliding through the air as they stayed close to each other, flying through the clouds as they hovered in front of the moon, the moonlight reflecting in their eyes. He felt his trousers tighten a little as his legs started to grow and change.

She turned to him and smiled, nuzzling him tenderly as they floated in the sky. "This is really wonderful...." She leaned her face close to his, blushing as his trousers tumbled down toward the ground, revealing his blue and white scaled legs. "I... you're..." She stumbled over her words for a few moments, before deciding on what to say. "Would you like to sing together? I mean... with our cries... You thought mine was beautiful before, and I'd love to hear yours..."

He smiled, leaning into the nuzzling as his shoes gave to the strain of his growing feet, claws lining her toes. "Sure, I'm curious to see what I sound like too..." He purred, clearing his throat as he stared into her eyes, and started to sing. "Llllaaa....latiioooosssss, tiooossss lllati! ♫" He crooned softly, singing proudly as he cued her in to join her.

She opened her mouth to sing, then paused a moment and kissed him softly on the cheek before joining him. "Tiiiaaaasss.... Llaaa.... Lllaaatiiaaaasss!!♪" Time passed slowly for the two of them as they sang together, slowly drifting through the skies above the city and the seashore.

As they continued their singing, the people who were scattered around the town this late at night started to look upwards, noticing the shadowy figures of the two anthro Eon Pokémon in front of the moon, singing happily together. Many others poked their heads out of the windows as they listened to their beautiful singing.

As the bond between the two of them grew stronger and stronger as they sang, they slowly felt their minds open, at first feeling each other's love, but gradually spreading wider, experiencing the wonder of those gazing up at them as their psychic type opened new abilities and senses to them.

"What do you think they are up there?" A trainer in the crowd below asked curiously.

"I have no idea...but whatever they are, they seem to be made for each other." Another trainer answered, watching with a smile as the two psychic dragons continued singing for just a little longer, staring into each other's eyes, stopping the song for only a few brief seconds as they locked lips, holding each other in a loving embrace.

"I love you so much... Peter purred gently to Sarah.

"And I do to.... We'll have to come back here every year for our anniversary, you know..." She said, smiling sweetly. "It's a good thing it's such a beautiful city..." She suddenly embraced him, holding him tight and close as she murred happily. "Shall we head back to our hotel for the night? Or would you rather keep flying, and maybe find a place to sleep that more suits our Pokémon forms?"

"Hrm...I suppose we might need to find a new place to live...but tonight, I would like to spend a bit more time around this city." He chuckled a little, looking down at their reflection on the still waters of the city. "If you don't mind that of course - I still need to treat you to a meal."

"She giggled happily, nuzzling him. "That'd be wonderful!" Ruffling her feathery scales for a moment, light bent around her, forming an illusion of her old human form. "We can head down to a restaurant if you want, and talk about the wedding..." She hugged him closer. "I'm looking forward to spending my life with you..." She stroked his feather-scales gently, singing softly as they slowly floated back down toward the city streets. "And it will be so much more wonderful like this, with us able to share our love, our emotions..." Falling silent, she kissed him deeply and tenderly as she thought of the wonderful future that lay ahead of them.
Another collab with :icondsarvess: :)

This time we decided to go with an anthro, and picked Latios and Latias for it :)

If you like this, please check out his version too: [link]

Lati@s are (C) Pokémon/Nintendo
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