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AUTHORS NOTE: Please be sure to favourite both versions of this story! Link is in the description!

It was a busy day at the local novelty shop in town. They had just received in a shipment of new Pokémon plush toys, and this had gotten every Pokémon fan in the town buzzing. The shop was full to bursting as people browsed around.

Among them was Peter, a young male who was just barely a month away from being 23. One of his friend worked at that shop, and he told him that he had something special to give him for his birthday.

It was probably something related to the new plushies that arrived, and being a Pokemon fan, Peter was definitely looking forward to whatever his friend had in mind for him.

He was browsing through many of the ones that they had in stock. Already he had picked out a couple of his favourite ones, including Latios and Latias.

"All of these just look so cute..." He said as he browsed

While he was browsing, another young man, around the same age, approached him. "Hello sir, can I...oh, hi Pete! You're already here!"

"Hrm?" He turned around. "Oh her Daniel! Looks like you're having a busy day with all these customers here!"

He sighed. "Like you don't know...anyway, I got your present in the's a pretty big box, I hope you got a car to take it home"

"Yeah, I brought it down with me because I didn't know how big the surprise you were talking about was, so now I'm glad I chose to drive down!" He said with a laugh

He smiled. " follow me"

They both walked into the back of the shop, barely getting passed the crowd of customers. Daniel showed him a large box which was sitting there in a corner. It didn't really look like a birthday present...but at least it was a nice vanilla-yellow colour.

"I wonder what could be in this thing..." Peter said as he ran his hands over the box

Daniel giggled. "Something that you will me on that. I'll give you a hint: it was in the last shipment, it's big...and it's cute and soft"

"Doesn't really help, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless!" He smiled as he picked up the box.

Daniel smiled. "I'm sure you, I highly suggest leaving from the back door, unless you want to be ripped apart by those hungry fans. Trust me, whenever they see a box, they go insane"

"Good idea." He said as he struggled with the box, taking it out the back exit and round the alley way.

Daniel locked the back door, and then went back to the customers. Meanwhile, Peter carefully sneaked back to his car, put the box on the back seat, and stepped inside. Luckily, no one noticed him.

He quickly started up the engine and drove off. It was a clean escape, no one in the story aside from Daniel knew that he left with the package.

He got home around 15 minutes later. He quickly stepped out the car and picked up the massive package. He couldn't wait to see what was inside, so he literally ran inside the house, locking the door behind him. He dropped the box on the couch in the living room, and sat down next to it.

"Ok then, time to see just what this special thing is!" He grinned to himself as he gently removed the sticky tape that held the box lid shut

He carefully opened the box, and had a look. There was a lot of stuffing there, so he couldn't really see what was inside...but he noticed what looked like a black furred paw, sticking out of the white cotton stuffing.

"Oh?" He smirked as he gently tugged on the paw.

He quickly dug his fingers into the stuffing, and with one strong pull, he took the hidden object out of the box.

His amazement could not be described.

The things he was holding was a life-sized Lucario plushie. Not only was it the softest most realistic plushie he had ever seen, but also the closet thing to the real Lucario you could possibly find. Everything from the arms, legs, fur, muzzle, eyes was perfectly portrait. It was indeed a work of art.

" just so......" He said, unable to find the words to finish. He just wrapped his arms around it and cuddled it.

He literally spent the whole afternoon with the plushie. He kept it sitting on his desk while checking his emails on his computer, and made it sit down on a chair while having lunch, he kept it on the couch with him while watching TV...he simply couldn't stay away from it. The plushie was special to him...he didn't know why, but it really was.

Soon enough the day had been and gone, and it was starting to get late as he spent a couple of hours on one of his game consoles playing games.

He yawned, starting to feel a little tired. He turned off the console, and stood up, picking up the plushie. He went to his bedroom, changed to his pyjamas, and lay down under the bedsheets, still hugging the plushie.

"I've gotta go back to the store tomorrow and thank Dan for this" He smiled to himself as he slowly drifted to sleep.

As his mind was sent through the infinite void of dreams, he suddenly found himself standing in an immense white room. There seemed to be no one there, and there was a deep silence.

"Well this is certainly a lot different to my usual dreams...." He pondered to himself as he wandered around in the limbo like void, trying to look for something, anything.

All of a sudden, he felt a presence around him. He didn't see anyone...but he knew someone was watching him. He turned around, trying to find the source of that weird feeling.

He looked around, trying to find out who was watching him. "Who's there? I know someone's in here, I can FEEL you somewhere..."

He suddenly heard a short laugh, coming from above. "I'm all around you my dear...nowhere, and everywhere at the same time"

"What, does that make you some sort of ghost then?" He questioned the voice.

"Why should ghosts visit you in your dreams? No...I'm here just to tell you something about friend" the voice said. It suddenly sounded a lot more...feminine, for some reason.

"Yes...he will make your life a little bit more...interesting. And once his purpose will be fulfilled...I will step into the scene, and we will finally meet" the mysterious female voice said.

"Oh?" He said with a smile. "That should be fun, you sound beautiful."

She seemed to giggle. "You will be able to see for yourself once we finally the meantime...take care of yourself" And with those words, the dreams seemed to be slowly fading away.

"Thanks, you too..." He called out as the empty void disappeared.

He woke up the following morning. He had just a vague memory of the dream...but he remembered the voice, and what it said about a friend making his life more interesting. He slowly stood up, wondering what friend it was referring to.

"I don't remember making any new friends yesterday.....I wonder if she was referring to...." He turned and looked at the plush

There was no way it was just a coincidence. Sure, the plushie wasn't alive, but Peter was certainly treating it like a real friend, which was enough to qualify it has a "friend". Still, how was it supposed to change his life? Plushies are cool and everything, but they weren't magical or anything.

He just rubbed the back of his head in a puzzled manner. "Something's gotta make sense sooner or later..." He said, heading into the shower to get washed

While he was in the shower, he noticed something odd about his body. When he realised what had happened to him, he froze on place. He had never been a very muscled guy...but now, he was fairly buff, showcasing some impressive arms, legs, chest and abs.

"Holy...." He stared at the improvements to his body. " did this happen?" He seriously didn't know weather to freak out or to be happy, but he eventually went with the latter. "Must have hit a growth spurt in my sleep!" He chuckled as he continued to wash himself.

But while he was running his hands on his shoulders, he felt something weird on his skin. He turned his head to see what it was...and what he saw was definitely more shocking than the muscle growth. Patches of black fur had growth on his shoulder...and that was definitely not human hairs.

"What the.....?" He gasped as he looked at the fur which circled his shoulders.

He also noticed that the fur was not only growing on his shoulders. A similar, but longer vanilla-yellow coloured fur was growing all over his muscular chest, while a a shorter blue fur was growing on his legs. Whatever was happening to his body, was definitely not normal.

It reminded him of something he had read in stories several times, but never expected to actually experience in real life.

"I'm....I'm changing?" He said in slight amazement, looking at the fur covering him. "Into...into a Lu.."

His question was soon to be answered. All of a sudden, a large spike emerged right in the middle of his chest. There were no more doubts in his mind now.

"A Lucario!" He said with a grin. "This is just amazing...." He said as he stepped out of the shower to look at the changes taking hold of his body in a mirror.

His hands suddenly seemed to become a little smaller, while the fingers growth bigger and shorter. A small spike emerged from the back of his hands, now turning into paws. He tried picking up his toothbrush, and he managed to do so just fine, despite the changes.

"Whoever's doing this really made sure there are no handicaps to this" He chuckled as he brushed his teeth, still observing the changes.

His teeth seemed to be growing longer and sharper and he kept brushing them. At the same time, his ears were growing longer and pointed, the same blue fur on his legs growing on them. His hairs fell off, replaced by the fur, which was blue for the most part, but there was also a black mask-like pattern around his eyes and nose.

His eyes were moved to the sides of his head, black fur surrounding them as his hazel eyes turned a deep red in colour, the pupils pulling into thin slits. As they did, his vision enhanced, he could see things even more clearly now than he could before.

He also noticed that his other senses had sharpened as well. He could smell everything that was in his house, including the cookies in the jar in the kitchen.

His face eventually pushed out a little, forming a short muzzle. And finally, four long furry things" growth just under his ears, dropping to the side of his head. They were the closest thing Lucario had to the human hairs...although Peter noticed they were extremely sensitive, but he wasn't really sure to what.

"I wonder.....can I....." He said, closing his eyes and he began to focus.

To his surprise, despite having his eyes closed, he could still see the world around him, glowing white. But what was amazing about that "inner sight" was that he could clearly see the living creatures around him glowing blue. He could see the plants outside, the insects, some people in the street...everything was visible to him. Maybe...that was what Lucario knows as "Auras".

"This is brilliant!" He giggled like a little child. "I can actually read Aura too!"

He felt a tugging at his spine as a tail started to grow out, long and slender with a point at the end, blue fur covering it. Black fur crept over his legs as his stance altered a little, his toes growing out into large paws, pads on their undersides as his stance was shifted to the balls of his feet, his feet stretching a little bit as his changes ended with claws adorning his furry toes

He gasped in surprise as he felt his aura suddenly glowing around his body. It was normal for Lucario to not only see the Auras, but also to use it.

He smirked and held out his hands. A sphere of blueish green energy began to form between his paws, slowly growing in size. He quickly withdrew it though. "Simply amazing..."

But as much as he loved what he had become, he suddenly found himself asking...why did he suddenly turn into a Lucario? What was the cause of the change?

There was only one possible answer.

"Could it have had something to do with my dream....." He pondered. "Or could it have something to do with the plush..." He went over to it and picked it up.

There seemed to be nothing different about it. But for some reason...the plush seemed to have an aura as well, or at least...something that resembled an aura. Peter closed his eyes and tried examining it, and to his seemed to be showing him some kind of image, kind of like a mental photo. It wasn't very clear, but he could make out some kind of flower field, with a mountain in the background.

"A field.....will I find the answer there?" He asked himself.

He went to grab the keys to his car, but looking at himself he knew he'd be able to run faster than most cars now! Instead he picked up the plush and held it on his back. If he brought it to the place, he might find out what had caused his transformation.

He took his house keys with him and locked the door behind him, quickly dashing off. He held his arms behind him as he ran, his 'sensors' flapping about in the wind as he attempted to track down the location from his memory.

He already knew where to go...there weren't many other places that had a flower field that big, with a mountain in the background. Around a hour later, he got to the place. An immense field of white flowers lay in front of him, a huge mountain rising in the distance. And right there, sitting in the flowers, there was a blue figure.

"This place is amazing..." he said to himself as he walked towards the stationary figure

The creature stood up, and turned to face him. Indeed, it was a Lucario...only this one definitely looked like a female, mainly due to the hourglass shaped body, and the small breasts on her chest. Not to mention, her eyes were cute and charming, more than any male Lucario.

"Woah...." he said, blushing a little as he looked at her.

She stepped in front of him, and took his paw in hers. "It's a pleasure to finally meet didn't take long to find my hidden message I presume"

"Well, no..." He was still blushing slightly, even more when she held his paw in her own.

She smiled. "Well, no matter..." she said, picking up the plushie. "At least the little guy right here did what it was supposed to...and what a wonderful job indeed"

"So the plush really did change me? But how? And did my friend know about this?" He asked.

She nodded. "He fact, I was the one who asked him to give you the plushie in the first place. In exchange, I gave him a special plushie as should have started changing him by now, although he won't join us for now"

"Well...something that he will enjoy, let's just leave at that for now" she said, while sitting in the flowers, the plushie under her arm.

"I'm guessing it won't be too hard to spot him" He chuckled as he sat down next to the female, resting the plush on the ground.

She giggled. "You will be able to thank him later...but you can start by thanking me, after was my birthday present"

He just chuckled. "A bit of an early birthday present at that! But yeah, as you got me it..." He leant forward and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Thank you"

She blushed a little. " problem dear, I always try my best to give presents to everyone I know...actually, I still got two more people to visit for a late Easter present, so...I guess we will talk again another time..." she said, while standing up, taking the plushie with her.

She turned around and smiled. "Hey, I'm not leaving forever...I'll be back sooner than you can imagine, and then...we will have all the time we want to know each look like a cute guy, I got to admit it"

Looking at her though, he was blushing wildly. His eyes had that 'I don't ever want to leave your side' look which seemed to show even more when he put his arms around her back and held her close.

She couldn't help but return the hug, smiling. "Well...I might need a little help to set everything up for the other's presents...I think you know some of them" she said, blinking.

"Gladly" He smiled, looking at the plush that had triggered his change. "We'll get to take it back to our place once we're all done, won't we?"

She just patted the plushie. "Sure might still come in handy in the future"

He smiled softly and kissed her again, this time though it was on her lips Her eyes went wide open as he did so. She really did not expect him to go that far just a few minutes after he met her.

The idea was to just slowly building a relationship with him, and maybe, just maybe getting to that point...but apparently he was already ready to take the next step. She just closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

"I think that both you and the plush are the best presents i've ever gotten...." He smiled softly, rubbing the back of her head. "I love you..."

She just smiled in response, nodding. "How about we save the romantic stuff for later and get the other stuff done for now?"

"Yeah, we better not keep the other blessed ones waiting" He grinned as he broke the kiss and turned to walk beside her. "Lead the way, my dear."

She suddenly started running towards the the town. "If you catch me you get a bonus!"

"Oh I'm sure I will!" He grinned, chasing behind her, already within a few inches of her in a few short seconds, grabbing her paw a few moments later and holding it tight as he ran with her.

A few petals flew by as they ran away. That was, without a doubt...the best day ever.
Another collab with :iconben300:

Please favourite both versions: [link]

And for those curious to the design of the female Lucario: [link]

Peter is (C) myself :P
Lucario and Pokémon is (C) Pokémon/Nintendo
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