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Peter had just returned home from doing a little bit of shopping. He was preparing to go on holiday for a few days, and he wanted to make sure that he was prepared for the journey, getting some last minute supplies. As he approached the door, he saw that there were a few items in the post box mounted on the wall next to it. He let himself into the house first before stepping back out with the key to the box, opening it up and removing the contents, locking it back up when he was done. Most of it was just the standard stuf, bills, monthly magazine from his digital tv subsricption, take away menus from restaurants unknown to well as a package from a friend of his.

"Hrm?" He read the return address, seeing that it was sent to him from Ben, a good friend of his that he knew from an online art site. "Wonder what this could be... it's not my birthday yet." He sat down at his computer, booting it up as he opened the package up. From how it felt, he thought it might be a deck of cards from one of the TCG's he played, or perhaps a game of some kind.

"Hey there!" Ben sent him a message over MSN pretty much the second the messenger program registered the connection.

"Hey." Peter typed back with one hand as he put his other hand in the package, pulling out the contents. "I just got a package from you in the post."

"Ah yes, I was wondering if it would get there to you in time." He chuckled to himself as he sent Peter an invite to voice chat. "I hope it's the right one." He typed as Peter accepted the invite, looking on in a bit of shock and surprise when he saw that he was holding a copy of Pokémon Black in his hand. He had planned to get it himself prior to setting off on the plane, but he never expected that he would get it from his friend - not to mntion getting hold of a legal European English copy a day before its release.

" got it right, but how did you know?" Peter smiled as he looked at the game.

"Meh, you kept saying about how much you liked Reshiram over Zekrom." Ben laughed. "As for wondering how I was able to get a copy a good few days before release to send it to you, it's kind of a secret. Sadly I can't tell you though." He smirked.

"That's good then. Just means now you need to get White so you can help me to obtain some of the mon from that version. There are a few that I am after in the White Forest, Nidos mainly." Peter smirked.

"We'll see, there are one or two games I might be after before that, but I'll keep that in mind. Also I hope you don't mind, but I did make one or two modifications to that game. Mainly a few good items to help you along the way, a few Master Balls in case there are any roming legendaries in that game, a few Pokémon in the PC that you'll be able to use when you get the badges, and a Zekrom too so you don't have to put up with stupid offers on the GTS."

"Heh, I don't usually cheat on these games unless I need to get hold of event giveaways that I can never get to, but I'll keep that in mind, thanks." Peter told him.

"You might as well try it out, just to be sure that it works - in my haste of sending it out to you, I didn't have a chance to test it out. It should work perfectly fine though, but I just need a bit of reassurance."

"Ok then, let me just put some of these things away and then I'll grab my DSi." Peter said as he went to pack the items that he had brought into his bag, setting it all out nice and neat, putting other items between them to make sure they wouldn't take any damage from the luggage handlers at the airport throwing the bags around. Fifteen minutes later, he returned to the computer, DSi in hand as he sat back in the chair.

"Ok, I'm ready to try it now." He told Ben as he opened the game box, checking the contents. There was the usual instruction manual, a booklet explaining how to work the Wi-Fi, a card for claiming points for things on Nintendo's UK site, and a small leaflet explaining how to get Victini - no doubt Ben and his hacking would have already placed one in his PC, but he would still take the route to be sure and download the event item - and finally the game cartridge. He gently picked it out from the plastic holder as he ejected the game that was in there previously, putting it in the game box as he slid the Black cart into the DSi.

"Ok, here we go." He smiled as he turned on the system, which due to its settings launched the game without going to the system menu. He sat patiently through the opening cutscene before the game's start screen appeared. "So far so good." He reported to Ben.

"That's just the start screen, how about starting the game properly?" Ben said with a chuckle, concealing a knowing grin.

"Always so impatient." He laughed as he pressed the Start button, the screens flashing, shining a pure white light.

"Er...I don't think this is meant to happen..." Peter said as the lights engulfed him, everything dissappearing into the light for a good few seconds before everything returned to normal. "Ok...I don't think that was normal..." He put the console down, rubbing his eyes as everything came back into focus.

"Hehe, if everything just went bright, then it's working exactly as it should be." Ben smirked.

"What do you mean?" He asked, sounding a bit confused before he noticed his arms - they had started to grow longer, white feather-like scales starting to sprout along them. "The hell?!" He gasped as the limbs grew wider, becoming wing-like in appearance as his hands moved to rest atop them, fingers growing into large, silvery claws as they became winghands, almost wyvern-like in appearance, except for the fact that they still looked like human hands, bar the inhuman claws. The feather-scales grew over them completely, larger near the end, giving them a near-angelic appearance.

"I took a few extra liberties with that cart of yours. I knew there were over 150 new ones to choose from, and I ended up stuck between Zoroark and Reshiram...and given your love for anything draconic..." Ben laughed.

"So I'm turning into..." He looked at the wings that were once his arms, now several times their normal size, a rather impressive span of around twenty feet. He gave them a soft flap, a small smirk crossing his face. "This could be interesting..."

"I hope you didn't mind that. On the bright side though, you'll most likely get their quicker now than if you were going by plane." Ben said, chuckling at the comment.

"Well yeah, if I hadn't already paid for the damn things!" He laughed back as he began to grow, clothes starting to get tight around his body as it grew and reshaped, getting slowly bigger by the second. The feathery scales began to grow a bit thicker around his barreling chest as his arms repositioned slightly, the sleeves of his shirt tearing apart as his shoulders broadened.

"Well I'm pretty sure you'd be able to get your money back now, you'll be looking pretty intimidating soon enough." he suggested to Peter.

"Oh yeah!" He smirked. "They might end up on the menu for a barbecue if they didn't!" He chuckled loudly, his neck starting to grow longer as his lower body started to alter, legs getting bigger as the scales covered them, trousers tearing apart along with his strained shirt.

"One other thing." He told the changing human. "I thought I would try something a little different with you. I know how you like some Shiny Pokémon, so why not a Shiny Reshiram? There isn't that much difference, but I think it looked cool." He smirked as a pair of metal bands appeared around Peter's neck. Unlike the normal silver colour however, these ones were a bright gold. He had to chuckle as he looked at them. "Well it IS Shiny in one sense."

His legs changed further, growing thicker at the top, muscles swelling wide as they became powerful draconic haunches. Large, broad scales spread out, four of them sticking up from the top of the legs. His feet grew larger, toes fusing into three digits as large, silver claws protruded from them, another one growing from his heels.

"Well so far it seems all good." He said, gently twitching the huge claws, leaving a few holes in the floor. As his stance altered more, he found himself leaning forward a little bit, body curving towards the legs as the scales covered up his gender, a large, jagged tuft of the feather-like armour protruding outwards from between his legs. Neither he nor Ben knew quite exactly what it was, but the scales did look quite sharp, and it was something you wouldn't want to run into. "Looks like I might need to be a little careful giving anyone a hug." He joked.

"Well if you thought that was weird, wait for the tail." Ben smirked. Well technically he didn't have to wait too long, the tail was starting to grow outwards, covered in soft, down-like scales. As that grew outwards, thicker scales began to grow around it, forming a cone-like structure, the largest of the scales growing jagged at the tips, a pair of thick golden bands growing around the cone.

"It shouldn't take too long to get used to" He smiled, wagging the tail about slowly, brushing against the cone. The insides of it glowed purple thanks to special glands and organs forming at the base of the tail which allowed him to generate fire. In the sense of the tail, it could be used to help greatly increase his flight speed. He could also use it to ward off anyone who tried to attack him from behind.

"I'd say you are nearly done now." Ben told him as the final changes started, Peter's face starting to push outwards, jaws jutting forward as it became a muzzle, the design of it somewhat mixed between a dragons and a canines. His teeth grew into long, sharp fangs as his hair grew longer, splitting into two manes, gently flowing down his neck and above his back as his ears grew large and pointed, mostly obscured by the hairs, only the tips of them showing above them. A few tufts of fur grew around his muzzle, the colour of it blending in with the scales. To finish it all off, his eyes moved to the sides of his head, and instead of turning the same pure blue of a normal Reshiram, they turned the bright crimson of a Shiny one, pupils pulling into slits. The manes floating behind him gained the same purple glow at the end of them.

"Well...that was pretty interesting..." Peter said with a chuckle, noting that he still had his human voice, if not a little deeper sounding. He tried to move around, but found that he was taking up most of the space in his room. If he remembered correctly, Reshiram were meant to benearly 11 feet long, but from his speculation, he seemed to be a few feet taller than that. In a room that was around 15 feet tall, his head was touching the ceiling.

"I didn't overdo the size increase, did I?" Ben asked him.

"No, I jut about fit...I'm going to need a bigger house now though...or a cave!" He grinned.

"I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out. The way I 'altered' that cartridge, you can change others into Pokémon too. and with over 650 to choose from, you should be able to have some fun." he said.

"Really now...that gives me a few ideas..." A sly grin crossed the Reshiram's muzzle, revealing all his fangs in the process. "I should give Sesaka a visit - I'm sure she'd like to take a holiday with me. Besides I'm pretty sure that the people in the hotel will be able to upgrade my room to a double without any extra cost."

"Sounds like a good plan - I suppose she'd end up a Reshiram too eh?"

"Well what else?" Peter laughed. "Not to mention I'd be able to give my friends a few changes too - I always get people asking me to do TF stories for them, why don't I let them live out the experience? Will be a lot better than any story could ever be!"

"True true. You could make a fortune offering that service to people."

"Yeah, but I think for my friends, it should be more of a gift rather than a service."

"Fair enough." Ben smirked.

Peter turned his head towards the bed and looked at the suitcases he had packed. "Well I'm not going to need clothes anymore." He grinned. "Guess I still need to ake some things to keep me entertained in my downtime...I'll have to find a way to magic them to my size though. Perhaps I should make a few psychic friends to help me with those little things. And I should cancel that pre-order for the game, considering you got me it. Although..." He paused, an idea coming to mind. He did put a pre-order down for White, in the off chance that he should change his mind. The grin that his muzzle bore grew wider.

"Hrm...I think I know just how to pay you back for this, my friend."

Ben was just a little bit worried with that comment. Usually when Peter got an idea, it was usually something that would result in an unlikely outcome. And now that he was a giant dragon armed with an enchanted Pokémon cartridge...

"This is going to come back and bite me in the ass, isn't it?" Ben asked.

"Oh I'm not saying anything...not yet anyway..." Peter chuckled.
Just a mini TF that came to mind. I remembered a while back Ben300 did me a story that involved me being changed by a 'special' copy of Brawl I got from him, and since I've been playing a lot of Pokémon Black recently...why not? :P

Reshiram is (C) Pokémon/Nintendo
Ben is (C) Ben300
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pedreo1987 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
"I'm not saying anything...not yet anyway..."

Oh ****! I'm waiting the response of Peter...
Thebalrog6 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
in a pokemon battle,i beat the stuffing out of my friend after i transformed into a sceptile.i used only one pokemon,my trusted grovyle(he was supposed to evolve into a sceptile but i evolved instead of it).my friend had all level 100 pokemon.he said"your going down."i yelled at him and said"i'll win this battle no matter what,even though you beat me 50 thousand times......"he said"well,good luck with that.NOT."i said"i heard that."i beat him and he said"what?WHAT?!how could you beat me?!i'm better than you at everything!i even turned you into a sceptile and your gf into a grovyle just to make you happy!"i was stunned and i said" did this to me and my gf?!"he said"well,yeah!after all of my victories over you,i felt like you needed to need more joy in your life."i used bullet seed on him and grabbed his neck.i yelled"you are the most generous scientist a friend could have!and i love you for it."i was still feeling victorious after the battle and my gf came over.we double-battled against my friend and another pro pokemon trainer friend of mine.we beat them with only our grovyle and treecko.we are the best pokemon and pokemon trainers ever.we're planning to get married this summer.
SesakaTH Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Student General Artist
ROOAAR...Sorry, frog in my throat. :lol:

I know that there's another Legendary dragon that I can see Sesaka change into. I feel that Reshiram has already been taken, thanks to you. XD

Kyurem, the one I want to get when I have Pokemon White. It might conflict her fire status though. O,o
cybeast50 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
lol cools tory out of the way though my pet qgreen quaker bird is evil it bites me when i try and change its food or water and it dot like i me it allways trys and bites me
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